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Texas Bloggers Series

So tomorrow I, Brittany aka Little Sis will leave the country to venture out to Trinidad & Tobago with a group from my church.  As I have mentioned before, my husband and I will be leading a group of our college students along with some people from our church worship team to do a mission trip there for 10 days!
We are super excited about the trip! We will be working with Every Home For Christ Ministries while we are there.  One of the main parts of our trip will be to host a night & day Prayer and Worship Center.  Our team has practiced numerous hours on this, there is much more to it than you would think.  Getting all the instruments and singers in sync along with knowing the format of when/how we are worshipping at the time and when people will break in to lead prayer.  We are super excited about this though.  We will also be doing street ministry in the community! Our college students are so excited about this part! That is what we normally do on our college trips, a lot of evangelism and prayer, so they are well trained, and totally stoked! It is so exciting and motivating to see how their excitement to love on people and tell them about Christ well out weighs their fear of speaking to strangers. We know that our God is bigger than our fears or rejection, and that he is faithful to show up to do work! I cannot wait to get back and update you all on what the Lord did while we were there! Look for that post sometime at the first of July!
But, while we are gone if you would like to keep up with us, we are keeping a small blog called Mission-Trinidad! Be sure to check it out, we will be posting pics, giving updates on how we are doing, and sharing some great testimonies about how good the Lord is!  

For now though, while I am gone, we will be hosting a Texas Bloggers Series!

Texas Bloggers

Recently both of us, (Big & Little Sis) joined a Texas Bloggers group...which has been awesome! We have loved getting to know other Texas Bloggers! Although Cassey doesn't live in Texas now, she is still a naturally born Texan at heart! Anyways, it is so fun to get to know people who live near you, and build a community within blogging and a support system. I have definitely loved it because I felt like every blogger that I connected with lived up North.  But meeting Texas bloggers makes it a reality that I may get to meet them in person one day! Which I love! 

Anyways, so I have some of the wonderful Texas Bloggers who will be visiting this week! I encourage you all to enjoy what they share here, then go over and visit their blogs and see what they are all about! (and of course leave them some comment love saying that you are visiting from Natural-Nesters, & even become their newest follower) 

I hope you all will enjoy getting to know some new people while I am gone.  Of course Cassey, aka Big Sis will still be updating some, and the Naturally-Nifty Parties and WLW's will for sure still be going on! 

Actually, as a side note...on TUESDAY, JUNE 26th, we will be hosting our 20TH NATURALLY-NIFTY PARTY!! Which if you don't know is a Big Deal for us, and we are so excited! So to share our excitement with you, we will be giving away a beautiful summer wreath made my ME! So be sure to stay tuned and join in on the parties while I'm gone and you could have your chance to win a wonderful peacock colored wreath with your last name initial on it! Just keep an eye out for the button below, and you will know it is the BIG DAY! 
Anyways, I will miss you all! I hope you will enjoy the Texas Blogger Series and these wonderful guest bloggers! 
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What I'm Doing for Spring Break -Little Sis

   Just to let you know, I, Brittany, the Little Sister of the Natural-Nesters will be out all next week.   So Cassey, aka Big Sis will be taking over the blog and sharing all about her Spring Break week.  Although I am sad I won' t be spending break with my mom and niece who are going to visit my sister in California, I am really excited about what I am going to be involved with during this next week!

Let me tell you a little bit about me and my plans!

Every year the college ministry at our church takes a Spring Break Mission Trip.  The past two years, we have stayed in or near Abilene.

The vision for us staying so close to home came from this verse:

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”                                                           -Acts 1:8

In relation to this verse, they were told to start with their own city and the cities close to it, so that is what we have done the past few years.

Spring Break 2010
Abilene, Texas 

Spring Break 2011
Surrounding small West Texas towns 
This year, we are taking our college ministry to the Dallas Fort Worth area for our mission trip! My husband and I are section leaders within our college ministry, which basically, explained in an easy way is a fourth of our college ministry.  We absolutely love it! So we are taking a total of about 180 students with us, and 58 of those we are leading! We cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do this year! It seems that every year the Lord shows us more of his power, and more of his heart for us, and his people, and building his Kingdom! One thing I love about our college ministry is that unlike any other trip I have ever been on, they don't neglect to pour into us as we are pouring ourselves out both spiritually and physically.  It is about 50-50, where 50% of the trip is made to build up us as believers and allow us to receive from the Lord, and the other half is for doing service projects and outreaches.  
Although this year will look different than some years, here are a few things we will be doing.  We will be doing service projects at various locations around the metroplex.  I know that one of the places we have an opportunity to go serve in is a Muslim Mosque.  This is such a unique and special opportunity because so many Christians judge and treat Muslims so badly because they don't agree with what they believe in.  But our goal in going there is not to go prove them wrong or tell them how bad they are for not serving Jesus, instead we are just going to go help out with what they need and love them.  We want to be different, we want them to see that Christians LOVE, even when we don't agree on our God! And in the midst of that we can pray...prayer is such a powerful tool in the spirit realm, and we will not hesitate to use it, and if someone inquires about Jesus, then we will not hesitate to share the Hope that comes from Him with them! 
We will also be going to various locations, apartment complexes, neighborhoods, etc. and doing outreaches.  We have had two all day training days to prepare for this.  Our team consists of small teams that have different purposes, those include a dance team, drama, activities, servanthood, and preaching.  So we will be going and putting on a "show" at these places, with a dance and drama, and someone sharing the story of the Gospel. Then we will be giving out food and playing with kiddos! And in the midst of it all we want to minister to the hearts of lost people! To show them the love of Jesus! To bring healing and restoration...to see people spiritually, emotionally, and even physically healed! Although many don't realize it, the Lord still heals people....and we have seen him do some amazing work in the healing of the physical body of people, and we cannot wait to see what he does! 
I am so blessed to be a part of the ministry here and be a college leader.  There is something about the college ministry at my church.  To see what students will give up for Jesus is amazing! They not only gave up two entire Saturdays to train for this trip, but also their entire Spring Break, and so many other things.  We have been getting up on Fridays at 6:30am to pray for this trip and we pack a large house out with college students GOING AFTER Jesus early in the mornings...it is so encouraging and I am so blessed.  Since the Lord called me to Abilene for school I have thanked him over and over.  I feel like I am literally in the midst of a revival...in the midst of a generation that is rising up to truly surrender and give up their own lives for the sake of Jesus and bringing lives into his Kingdom! 

Thank You Jesus for Sending Me! 

Spring Break 2012
So this year, this is what we plan to do! I just had about 5 college students come in my office and we drew this on my board! This is a picture of what we want to see happen in Dallas this year! This year, our team has devoted this verse to our vision for going to Dallas. 
 “...These men who have turned the world upside down have come here too."
                                                                                -Acts 17:6

 We want to go to Dallas and leave it a changed city...a city that is on fire for the Lord! And we have no doubt that HE can do that! 

So while I'm gone enjoy hearing about all the fun activities that my family will be doing in California while Cassey shares them with you, but when you think about it please be praying for my team!