The Silhouette is MINE!!

So this is real life! I can't believe I am finally holding one of these in my arms, at my house!!

silhouette cameoIf you are wondering what it is, well it's a crafter's dream come true! The SILHOUETTE CAMEO is an electronic cutting tool! You can do so much with it!

I had the privilege over the past few months to use my friends and I did some amazing stuff with it for my gender reveal party! So much fun!

Then once I found out I was getting one of my own for Christmas, I started a Pinterest Board just for Silhouette projects that I want to do! Mainly having to do with cute baby stuff! I bought a bundle, so I got gift cards to their online store, a cover for the machine, two blades (one for fabric, one for paper), and fabric adhesive! I have done so much with vinyl already that I wanted to try out some fabric projects! I have cute onesies in mind :-)

Here are some things I did with my friends machine so you can get a better idea of project possibilities!

I cut the vinyl nativity scene out with the machine, and painted wood to put it on! So easy & cute!

I cute vinyl out to say Baby Boy, (there is also a girl one).  I then put it on the frame glass and put glitter paper behind it.

I made tons here: The banner, I cut the banner & letters out. I made all the frames with cute vinyl and scrapbook paper. & the gold dots on the table. I was going to string those together but it didn't work out!

So you get the idea, this machine is AMAZING!! I can't wait to play with some baby clothes ideas!!! & don't worry I will definitely be sharing them here, and on Instagram of course :-)

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DIY Starburst Mirror

DIY Starburst Mirror
DIY Starburst Mirror

Last week I showed you my DIY Canopy Bed with the Starburst Mirror as an accent on it! I loved the way it turned out! I got my inspiration from this post on Pinterest!


If you saw my Bedroom Makeover Inspiration post then you have seen this room before! This is the main PINspiration for my entire room redo! I love this look! And since I loved the Starburst Decor so much, I decided to have fun and make my own DIY Starburst Mirror!

I had the mirror at home already, and I wasn't really using it for anything great.  All we bought was a package of wooden slat door stoppers from Home Depot, then my husband cut some paint stick size sticks of wood, all from scrap wood he had in the garage.  So we probably spent a total of $8 on this project, including the gold spray paint.

(I almost used paint sticks for the longer parts, but they were just too week, and my husband figured he could do something I let him!)

First I laid all of the wood pieces out and painted them gold!

Then after they were painted I played around to see what type of design I wanted to make.  I finally decided to do it like this.

DIY Starburst Mirror

To start I glued all of my pieces to an old cd.  Then I saw how clumsy it was so my husband took the cd and cut a rough piece of scrap wood into that size of a circle and I used that for the back support.

DIY Starburst Mirror

DIY Starburst Mirror

Once I had all of my pieces in place I glued the mirror on top of the Starburst.  You definitely want to use a strong wood glue for this! I used hot glue at first and it fell off onto my bed.  Let's just say you don't want a lose mirror hung above your bed. It can definitely hurt someone!

DIY Starburst Mirror

 So there you have it! An easy & cheap DIY Starburst Mirror! Plus you could paint it any color you want!

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Blue Mantle

So I have recently made a few changes to my living room.  
Since I have been married the color scheme has basically been my wedding colors, a burnt orange, brown, and tanish color! I have loved it, and I have been able to use a lot of my wedding props for decor, which is awesome by the way, and a great tip to keep in mind if you are planning a wedding ;-) 
Anyways though, recently I started thinking about how I would love to make some color scheme changes, but to do that to the whole living room is A LOT of $$$. So I decided to add in a color, and I chose royal blue.  Which has never been my favorite color in life, but recently I have really started to like it.  
I made some minor decoration changes with the color blue, and some other more major changes to my living room.  
In this post I am going to start out by sharing the smallest changes that I have made, and in the coming days I will reveal more to you all! I am loving the blue color addition with my orange and brown, but still there is more that I have in mind to do, I just need the time to finish up. 
Anyways, so the first change was in creating a Blue Mantle! 
It is by no means covered in blue, but considering this has never been a color I have used in my home, it was fun to add some splashes of color around! 

I am especially excited about this fun Polaroid Project that I put together.  First, as you notice I have several old cameras on my mantle...which is something that I love! 
I recently snagged a $1 old Polaroid camera from a garage sale and was so excited.  Although the film inside did not work, there were some strips still inside of it, so I used them to make my own Polaroid photos.  Basically I printed out small pics of us with our best friends in Destin from this summer, and modge-podged them onto the Polaroid strips.  I didn't mind the way it turned out! Then I got a tile from a stack in our garage and used some fabric (which you will see more of in our living room) and threw this together.  It's different, but I really like it! 

Another thing I have snagged some of this summer are these Reader's Digest condensed books.  Which if you don't have any, start keeping an eye out, they are so cute! Each one of the different colored books has an awesome pattern on the front of it.  I would say that I paid $5 for all of those books! I displayed the one with the coral and blue on it, to add some more blue to the mantle.  
And then of course my signature "cheap" piece of my mantle decor.....a wine bottle there at the end! 
I ALWAYS use wine bottles on my mantles! WHY? Because I keep them, aka Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle, which really makes them a free decoration piece, and you can do so much with them! Paint them, wrap them, cover them, fill them.....the possibilities are endless and fun! 

On the other side I have a few more cameras, books, and another wine bottle (see this one is painted white and then I wrapped it with blue tulle).  And behind all that is my Scentsy. 
I really do love the way it turned out! 

Just remember...changing your color scheme up doesn't have to cost a ton of money! You can do it by just the little things....before you go changing everything, see what you can add in to what you already have! I am loving my orange and blue right now! And it was very simple to do! 
-Little Sis 

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