DIY Whale Clock!

So this weekend I obviously had to play with my new Silhouette!!

I am still just so excited and constantly pinning new project ideas to work on! I can't wait for the long MLK weekend to have more time to work on baby crafts!

Anyways, this weekend I decided to partner with my husband to make something I pinned on my Baby Boy Suell Pinterest Board, it's a Whale Clock from Land of Nod.


Anyways, I pinned this, and decided after my husband got a scroll saw for Christmas that we would try to make it! I am loving whales, and although I wouldn't say I am doing a whale theme in the baby nursery, I will have a few cute whale pieces.

So here's what we did:

photo 1

First, I took some scrap wood, (it's actually wood from our old kitchen cabinets that we took out), and I free handed the whale while looking at the picture.

photo 2

Then my husband used his scroll saw to cut it out.  It was his first project with his new toy, so that was fun! It isn't as smooth on the edges as the Land of Nod one, but that is great with me! I love the roughed edges!!

Then I took sand paper and sanded all around, including the edges.

photo 3

Then I bought the clock shape from the Silhouette Store, and took the circles off of it to just use the numbers.  I then cut them out with vinyl and my cameo.  I also used a clock kit, (which was the only thing we paid for) from Hobby Lobby, it cost under $5.

I also decided to stain the edges with a dark wood stain, just to add some character.

photo 5

So here's what you get from start to finish!

photo 4

See, DIY is definitely cheaper! Plus it was upcycled wood, which is always great!

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The Silhouette is MINE!!

So this is real life! I can't believe I am finally holding one of these in my arms, at my house!!

silhouette cameoIf you are wondering what it is, well it's a crafter's dream come true! The SILHOUETTE CAMEO is an electronic cutting tool! You can do so much with it!

I had the privilege over the past few months to use my friends and I did some amazing stuff with it for my gender reveal party! So much fun!

Then once I found out I was getting one of my own for Christmas, I started a Pinterest Board just for Silhouette projects that I want to do! Mainly having to do with cute baby stuff! I bought a bundle, so I got gift cards to their online store, a cover for the machine, two blades (one for fabric, one for paper), and fabric adhesive! I have done so much with vinyl already that I wanted to try out some fabric projects! I have cute onesies in mind :-)

Here are some things I did with my friends machine so you can get a better idea of project possibilities!

I cut the vinyl nativity scene out with the machine, and painted wood to put it on! So easy & cute!

I cute vinyl out to say Baby Boy, (there is also a girl one).  I then put it on the frame glass and put glitter paper behind it.

I made tons here: The banner, I cut the banner & letters out. I made all the frames with cute vinyl and scrapbook paper. & the gold dots on the table. I was going to string those together but it didn't work out!

So you get the idea, this machine is AMAZING!! I can't wait to play with some baby clothes ideas!!! & don't worry I will definitely be sharing them here, and on Instagram of course :-)

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DIY Starburst Mirror

DIY Starburst Mirror
DIY Starburst Mirror

Last week I showed you my DIY Canopy Bed with the Starburst Mirror as an accent on it! I loved the way it turned out! I got my inspiration from this post on Pinterest!


If you saw my Bedroom Makeover Inspiration post then you have seen this room before! This is the main PINspiration for my entire room redo! I love this look! And since I loved the Starburst Decor so much, I decided to have fun and make my own DIY Starburst Mirror!

I had the mirror at home already, and I wasn't really using it for anything great.  All we bought was a package of wooden slat door stoppers from Home Depot, then my husband cut some paint stick size sticks of wood, all from scrap wood he had in the garage.  So we probably spent a total of $8 on this project, including the gold spray paint.

(I almost used paint sticks for the longer parts, but they were just too week, and my husband figured he could do something I let him!)

First I laid all of the wood pieces out and painted them gold!

Then after they were painted I played around to see what type of design I wanted to make.  I finally decided to do it like this.

DIY Starburst Mirror

To start I glued all of my pieces to an old cd.  Then I saw how clumsy it was so my husband took the cd and cut a rough piece of scrap wood into that size of a circle and I used that for the back support.

DIY Starburst Mirror

DIY Starburst Mirror

Once I had all of my pieces in place I glued the mirror on top of the Starburst.  You definitely want to use a strong wood glue for this! I used hot glue at first and it fell off onto my bed.  Let's just say you don't want a lose mirror hung above your bed. It can definitely hurt someone!

DIY Starburst Mirror

 So there you have it! An easy & cheap DIY Starburst Mirror! Plus you could paint it any color you want!

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Blue Mantle

So I have recently made a few changes to my living room.  
Since I have been married the color scheme has basically been my wedding colors, a burnt orange, brown, and tanish color! I have loved it, and I have been able to use a lot of my wedding props for decor, which is awesome by the way, and a great tip to keep in mind if you are planning a wedding ;-) 
Anyways though, recently I started thinking about how I would love to make some color scheme changes, but to do that to the whole living room is A LOT of $$$. So I decided to add in a color, and I chose royal blue.  Which has never been my favorite color in life, but recently I have really started to like it.  
I made some minor decoration changes with the color blue, and some other more major changes to my living room.  
In this post I am going to start out by sharing the smallest changes that I have made, and in the coming days I will reveal more to you all! I am loving the blue color addition with my orange and brown, but still there is more that I have in mind to do, I just need the time to finish up. 
Anyways, so the first change was in creating a Blue Mantle! 
It is by no means covered in blue, but considering this has never been a color I have used in my home, it was fun to add some splashes of color around! 

I am especially excited about this fun Polaroid Project that I put together.  First, as you notice I have several old cameras on my mantle...which is something that I love! 
I recently snagged a $1 old Polaroid camera from a garage sale and was so excited.  Although the film inside did not work, there were some strips still inside of it, so I used them to make my own Polaroid photos.  Basically I printed out small pics of us with our best friends in Destin from this summer, and modge-podged them onto the Polaroid strips.  I didn't mind the way it turned out! Then I got a tile from a stack in our garage and used some fabric (which you will see more of in our living room) and threw this together.  It's different, but I really like it! 

Another thing I have snagged some of this summer are these Reader's Digest condensed books.  Which if you don't have any, start keeping an eye out, they are so cute! Each one of the different colored books has an awesome pattern on the front of it.  I would say that I paid $5 for all of those books! I displayed the one with the coral and blue on it, to add some more blue to the mantle.  
And then of course my signature "cheap" piece of my mantle decor.....a wine bottle there at the end! 
I ALWAYS use wine bottles on my mantles! WHY? Because I keep them, aka Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle, which really makes them a free decoration piece, and you can do so much with them! Paint them, wrap them, cover them, fill them.....the possibilities are endless and fun! 

On the other side I have a few more cameras, books, and another wine bottle (see this one is painted white and then I wrapped it with blue tulle).  And behind all that is my Scentsy. 
I really do love the way it turned out! 

Just remember...changing your color scheme up doesn't have to cost a ton of money! You can do it by just the little things....before you go changing everything, see what you can add in to what you already have! I am loving my orange and blue right now! And it was very simple to do! 
-Little Sis 

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Naturally-Nifty Linky Party #4!

The sisters here at Natural-Nesters are so excited to get to feature some of our wonderful reader's Niftiest things this week! We even have a Reader's Choice Feature this week which makes us very excited! We want yall to have fun at our party, so check out the features, link up your great stuff, and then check out some other links....then come back here and like your favorite ones.(You can even like your own!)
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These easy and cute felt flowers can make some wonderful and cute wreaths, or can be used for any other project you want.  Go over and check our the blog Mrs Priss and let her teach you how to make them.  I made my own in just like 3 minutes.  It is definitely an easy flower to make, and different than most I have seen! I love it! Thanks for teaching me! 
Marilyn from 4 You With Love shares a wonderful family table game with us...something that will make dinner fun for everyone! She even shares a great memory from her own family when they played this game! Part of it allows adults to act as children, and the children to act as adults! It is fun for everyone, go check out all the details and try it with your own family tonight at dinner. 
Lynn over at Scrapity Anne gives us a recipe for an amazing eye makeup remover.  As I woman, I know how hard it is to get that stuff off, and the clothes and stuff you can buy to help add up $$$ so I am excited to try this out and save some money in the process! Head over to her blog to get this great recipe! 

The room makeover at PB&J Stories is one of my favorites this week! Not only because of my love for yellow and gray and me being envious of wanting my room decorated in those colors, but because of all of the great stuff she did here! I love the different patterns together, the way she is able to use space for an office area, and just the entire transformation of the room is huge! Plus have you noticed the hidden organization she has here? Her cute trunk bench at the end of her bed doubles as a filing cabinet, and she uses one of the drawers in her dresser to put her printer! It is great! Head on over and check it out! 
And this week we finally have a feature blog that was chosen by YOU! We give our readers the opportunity to like the links they have visited, and the one with the most likes will be the Reader's Choice Feature! 
This week, that award goes to Bumblebee & Sophie who was also featured here last week for her wonderful sewing skills! Stop by and check out the wonderful Valentines gifts she made! There are multiple different ones, all so unique and fun and so well sewn. Here she has made a cute lunch bag, and another one of my favorites are the mittens she made! Be sure to stop by and check her out! 

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Vintage Wedding Shower Decor

This past weekend I got the wonderful privilege of being a host at one of my great friend's wedding showers.  As one of the hostesses my job was to decorate for the shower along with my friend Kelsey.  It was so much fun to get to decorate this room the way we wanted, while also thinking about the Bride's sense of style and what she was wanting in her wedding.  Basically we used a lot of lace doily's, several suitcases, mason jars & wine glasses, an old quilt, and lot's of their engagement pictures! It all turned out great and really we spent hardly any money because most of the decorations came out of either mine or Kelsey's home. 
I had a blast decorating for this since this vintage style is not my natural style.  If you walked in my house, it would look nothing like this shower. Unlike Kelsey's home who has a lot more remnants of the vintage look throughout her home, mine would just consist of a few of the fun suitcases and bird cages.  So I had a blast decorating in a way that is different than my usual style! 
Let me show you some of the fun we had! 
This was at the door entrance propping the doors open for people to walk through. The two suitcases on top are mine.  At my house I pile three of those on top of one another and make a side table in my living room.  They are great! 

 This was the main entrance/greeting table when people walked through.  We had a suitcase open for cards to be placed in, pens in a mason jar to sign the guest book, a photo of the beautiful bride & groom, and also an ipad sitting on a stand playing a slideshow the whole time for guests to watch as they come in.  
We used lots of lace table clothes together on the turned out great, and we also had several burlap banners hung around the room.  
A closer look at the cute cards suitcase! 

One of the burlap banners I made.  This one was done very quickly and very easy.  I just cute triangles from burlap and used a sharpie to free hand letters on each piece to display the future last name that the couple will share. Then I just hot glued the triangles to a long piece of white yarn. SIMPLE!  This was used at their engagement party! 

This was really fun to do! I kind of put a twist on some banners I have seen on Pinterest made from yarn and doilies.  Here I used several types of doilies and hung them between the engagement photos.  We had three different lines like this hung throughout the room.  It was a fun way to display photos of the couple! 

Here's one view of the room

Here is the front gift table! We had a lot of fun decorating it too.  We hung this old quilt over the top of the projector as a back drop behind the table.  Then we set up more photos of the couple on this awesome birdcage thing of my friends! I would love one of them in my home.  Then to the right we put some painted white branches in a giant jar, with another photo of the couple! Eventually this table was covered in gifts :-)

For the food tables, we used a lace table cloth and then some random pieces of fabric.  At first as my friend Kelsey was putting the fabric on the tables I didn't think it would look good, but I went with it and actually loved it.  This is why it was so fun for me to decorate like this because I tried new things and really enjoyed it. 
Kelsey and I talked about how we worked well together because we could be honest and say no to things we didn't think was a good idea. 

We used cute chalkboard platters to display what drinks were being served. 
These trays were bought for $1 each at the Dollar Tree then painted with chalkboard paint! 
The food was great for the shower! Since it was from 10am-12pm, we did a variety of breakfast foods.  From fruits, to muffins and scones, donut holes, and some breakfast casseroles! It was great, and each hostess brought something so it was easy to do. 
Here's Some fun detailed shots of the decor! 

The fun birdcage with pictures clipped to it. 

Fun way to display photo and last name letter.

One of the center pieces--we used lace doilies of different shapes and sizes with random fun things on top.

This one is two wine bottles and a mason jar inside of an empty frame as a center piece. 

Then there is the fun birdhouse and mason jar on top of two circle doilies.  
(a lot of these center piece doilies I bought for her wedding at a JCPenney's outlet store for $1.99 for two--it was such a great deal)

This was a fun burlap banner the Bride made for their engagement pictures! We hung it up in an empty space of the room.

And here is a great picture of some of our friends! The Bride is the blonde in the middle! I am so excited for our sweet friends to get married! It is going to be such a sweet and beautiful day! and I am so thankful to be a part of it in this way! 
I just love planning parties and decorating.  I do some of this in my job as the Student Activities Coordinator of a University, but I would love to be a party planner or wedding planner one day! That is so much fun to me! I love decorating! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the shower as much as I did ha ha!
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