Edible Peanut Butter Playdough

We LOVE trying new crafts. We especially enjoy making things we can EAT! When I saw that you can make peanut butter dough, I was all about it. I have always taught older kids, so these simple ideas that many have heard of are very foreign to me! I am loving it.... and my new adventures. 
All we needed was:
*Dry Milk
*Peanut Butter
*Hands to mix
And mix they did. I let the kids do every bit of this. I helped one of my munchkins because he is just a wee one..... and he did not even want to play with it. My 15 month old just ate it, and ate it, and ate it. My 2 and 3 year old enjoyed playing with it and making it. My 2 year old, which is my child, ate some of it where the 3 year old was not interested in putting it in his mouth. As matter of fact, my 15 month old ended up eating the 3 year olds. 
Of course they loved the peanut butter... so I let them dig it out themselves... and dig they did! :)

I realize in every picture my little handsome looks so messy and homely... His shirt is much too big, but it is from Japan and I love our Japanese shirts! And HE enjoyed the peanut butter. 

Our Peanut Butter Ball.

My lovebird made a snowman... he was so proud of it.. Do you see it?
Do you have any awesome crafts or recipes that you do with kids? If so, I would LOOOOOVE to hear about them. I am always looking for new things to do with my daycare kids!
-Big Sis

Valentine Day Fun

First of all thank you to EVERYONE who linked up with us at our first ever linky party. Our goal was to hit 50!! We hit 64.. What an awesome FIRST LINKY party!! Thank you so much. Be on the lookout for our feature blog coming soon! We had soo many awesome ideas linked up, it is going to be tough!! 
We have been having SO much fun doing Valentine Day activities and crafts!
The kids in my daycare are getting into a routine now and it is just fantastic. I love my life! I love watching these kids learn and grow. They  love to sing, dance, and do arts and crafts. I want to share a few of the activities and crafts that we have been doing in daycare. 
Below you see our Valentine Sensory Bottle. They had a ton of fun making a huge mess getting this organized. I gave each kid an empty bottle of baby food that had been washed and dried. Of course I let them play with the bottle for a little bit while I prepped the rest of the supplies.
It is so fun to watch what they do! 
I gave them a handful of the conversational hearts and they began putting them in the bottle. 
After they had some of the hearts in the bottle they began getting some of our colored rice to put in it. Most kids used their hands.... but my little guy wanted a 'fwork'... :) Needless to say, he ended up using his hands and making a huge mess! I love it. 

We also did some blotch painting. I let them paint their hearts as they wanted. They are so cute and it was so fun. After they finished we folded the hearts in half and made blots on each side. It is really cool how blotting them makes them look so cool. The kids loved it. 

Of course we had to use our homemade glitter. The kids love to use glue and put it down... and loove using our bottles to put the glitter down. They spent about 20 minutes doing this. It was so cute watching them .. just a little less fun cleaning up their mess! :)

This might be my favorite. We have been studying hearts so I made a color pallet matching game using hearts. It was interesting to watch the kids. One knew exactly what she was doing. Two halfway understood, and one did not have a clue. We are using these again tomorrow. 

While I was cleaning up their mess from the sensory bottles I told them all to sit down and shake their bottles. It was so cute seeing all of them lined up against my couch, shaking, shaking shaking. The love their sensory bottles. 

We also just did free art on hearts. I gave them kids lots of art supplies and they went to town. I had hoped to have the kids put the yarn through the holes. That was a bit too challenging for them. The rest of their art is completely on their own. 

I looooove seeing what everyone has to offer for daycares. It is even more fun when it is a holiday theme. I love themes. I can't wait for tomorrow because we have more fun things planned... including making M&M Cookies! 
Happy Friday!
-Big Sis

Oh, the fun we have!

As a daycare provider, one of my favorite things to do is cook with the kids! The kids love it so much. I do not mind a mess and I love to let the kids play and make anything they want. They are use to our routine, so they are pretty good about keeping order. So the other day we decided to make homemade pizza. Of course, we had to grind our wheat in the wheat grinder that I have from Nutrition Lifestyles. The kids LOOOVE that part. It is so loud and so fun to watch the whole wheat go down the grinder. 
The kids really enjoy putting their hands in the wheat and feeling it. Once we have it all ground up and it is the texture of wheat flour, the kids love feeling that as well. It is so fun watching them. Some kids just play and play while others, like my own, are too worried about how dirty their hands are! :) 
Once we finished that part, we had to start putting the dough together. The kids enjoyed putting all of the ingredients in and then we had to let it knead. We used our Bosch from Nutrition Lifestyles! Love my appliances! 
We also made our homemade sauce! Obviously it was so yummy! My little munchkin preferred to eat it straight from the spoon.
I gave each table a plate filled with different items you can put on their pizza. The kiddos were able to get their pizza exactly like they wanted. I did not help at all. It was so fun to see how they did their pizza.

We baked the pizza.. and then each child got to eat half of it and took the other half home! YUM! 

The kids also rolled out their dough. They loved it. Anytime you need something quick to do with your kids-- COOK with them. My kids love it! 
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-Big Sis

Homemade Glitter

We had so much fun at daycare making homemade glitter. Anything we can find to make homemade, we do! It is so much cheaper and so much more fun for the kids. They are so excited when we do things like this. First thing is we gathered all of the supplies. You need:
-Food Coloring
-Container for Shaking (or baggie)
-Container for your glitter

All of the kids got their own containers and they were able to pour as much salt into their container as they wanted. Some poured very little, others overflowed it, and there was one that actually stopped at the top! This is so fun for the kids when they are getting to do it themselves. 
The next thing is to put food coloring in their salt. I let each child have their own container of food coloring. I also let each child choose which color they wanted. Luckily I had enough that there were not arguments over who got which color. It worked out because we had several different colored glitters. Only one child as not content with just one color... that would be mine. He mixed in three colors and made a pretty blueish green. 
 My little man was way excited about the food coloring. The other kids enjoyed shaking their containers but not little man. He just wanted to put food coloring, more food coloring, and more food coloring! It was soo fun though. 
 After you have your food coloring in the salt and you have shook it up to make the colors all even- you can put it into a container. The kids were so proud of them. So I gave each child a piece of construction paper, glue stick, and glitter. They went to town, made a mess, and had FUN! :)

We LOOOOVE learning here at daycare! This is the home away from home for many of my kids... and we have so much fun doing different things! :)

Guest Post & GIVEAWAY

Bread + 6 kids??


I have been wanting to make some more homemade bread for a few weeks.. but life and all these munchkins have just held me back. I have wondered... how am I going to make all of this bread with 6+ kids at my house? I am suppose to be teaching them new things everyday, not making bread for my own pleasure! By the time the kids leave and we have had dinner... and Noah has gone to bed.. well quite frankly, I don't want to mess my kitchen up again! 

Today it hit me!! I'll turn our baking bread experience into a lesson that we all do together! Dare I say.. it was fun? We had such a blast! The kids listened to me and actively participated as we went through each step. We felt each texture and I told them everything we were doing.. They had so much fun. 

We began by grinding our whole wheat in our wheat grinder, courtesy of Nutrition Lifestyles. The kids LOVED this. The loud noise, plus being outside, being able to put the wheat in the grinder themselves, watching it grind, and seeing the end product was TOO MUCH fun! After we did that, I moved my Bosch, also courtesy of Nutrition Lifestyles, to the kids table and we used it to mix and knead our bread. Then we used oil and made our loaves.. then baked them!! YUMMY! If you want my recipe, just ask.. it is also courtesy of Nutrition Lifestyles. It is a great website with great kitchen tools. A lot of my kitchen is from there.... and yes, it is my mother and father in laws business! Check them out. 

In the end we had 6 beautiful loaves of bread + four small loaves that the kids got to do for themselves! It was so fun. Oh and SOO yummy! Of course AFTER we make these six loaves of bread- I REMEMBER!! I still have some frozen waiting for me! :) At least we had fun. 

Next time you feel too busy to do that project that you want to do... remember you can engage your child(ren) with you... because they can HELP! You will three birds at once..keeping the kids busy, TEACHING the kids, and getting your project completed! 

Hooray for Fresh Bread & Happy Children! 

Here is the wonderful recipe for all of you to have and try on your own! Be sure to let your kids help too, they will love it! 
100% Whole Wheat Bread
In a mixing bowl, combine and mix on a low speed until well blended: 
6 Cups Hot Tap Water
2/3 Cup Oil
2/3 Cup Honey
2 Tablespoons Kitchen Specialities Vital Wheat Gluten (optional)
2 Tablespoons SAF Instant Yeast
2 Tablespoons Kitchen Specialities Dough Enhancer
4-6 Cups freshly milled whole wheat flour
Switch the speed of your mixer down to a lower number: 
Add slowly 6-10 cups whole wheat flour while kneading
Add 2 Tablespoons of Salt
Sprinkle in the last of the flour--1/4 cup at a time (you know that enough flour has been added when the dough pulls away from the side cleanly, no longer sticking while it kneads)

Knead: On the lowest speed for another 5 minutes
Shape: Into loaf pans and let rise until the dough doubles in size
Bake:at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown
Yields: 6 loaves

I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as we have.  If you have any questions or if you try this recipe stop by over at Natural-Nurturer and let me know what you think! 

NOW....for the GIVEAWAY we have been telling yall about! 
I am so excited to share with you this awesome kitchen tool that you can win FOR FREE! Plus you have multiple chances to enter! It is a great tool to have in your kitchen. I use mine regularly. Also, I am so excited that Nutrition Lifestyles has partnered with us to offer this amazing giveaway to you.

Our first ever giveaway is a Lequip Professional Stick Blender with all of the attachments.
This tool is so amazing. I have used it to mince veggies such as onions, cilantro, and even tomotoes. We really enjoy using it to help make our fresh salsa. I have also used it when making baby food. The uses for this tool are unlimited. 
The website describes this tool as:
“An ideal blender for daily use. Slim ergonomic design with soft-touch easy-grip handle. Stainless steel body. Removable, interchangeable blades for mincing, beating, chopping, aerating, and whisking. It also includes a multi- chopper/grinder attachment.”
Please go to the website and read all about this awesome little tool! I think every kitchen needs one. YOU could be the lucky winner and get it for FREE!

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