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DIY Canopy Bed

Finally!! Here for another bedroom update!

If you didn't know, we started a bedroom makeover after receiving new bedding for Christmas! I am finally getting my yellow & gray bedroom! And let me just tell you I am loving the way it is turning out!

It may be a slow process, since we both work full time and do projects between work & pay checks, but I love every thing we have done so far! If you want to see previous posts about what inspired our room, or our headboard makeover check out the links at the bottom of the post!

Today though I am going to show you all the canopy that we added to our bed, plus a few small accessories that we made!

From our beginning room inspiration we knew that we wanted to create our own DIY Canopy Bed.  I have always loved canopy beads, and although we don't have a normal 4-post canopy, we created our own style of a DIY Canopy Bead.

canopy bed

We did this by using curtain rods.  You see there are two curtain rods on the ceiling, then the curtains are draped just right to create a semi-canopy.

canopy bed

canopy bed

I loved the way it turned out with our new DIY tufted headboard! Then, I also made some pillows with various yellow/gray materials I found.  We are slowly adding more yellow accessories to the room.

DIY Pillows

The last accessory we handmade was a starburst mirror! I had researched several different ways to create this cute look, doing it myself of course, and finally found something I liked, then added my own little spin.  This Starburst Mirror literally cost me $0 because we used scrap wood, and a mirror that we already had at our home.  I will be posting a HOW TO make your own Starburst Mirror soon!

DIY Starburst

DIY Starburst

So here it is so far! Our bedroom! (the lighting is a little weird in this one).  I can't wait to get in our new house though, with a light gray wall behind this!!

COMING SOON: DIY bedside tables (hint, those are YELLOW!!)

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