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Guest Speaker

I am so excited about this week! 
This week, my church Beltway Park is having a conference where we will have three guest speakers! One of those speakers name is Heidi Baker! 
Heidi and her husband are missionaries in Mozambique, Africa, and their story is amazing! 
I know a lot of it because this past summer 2011 I got to go on a mission trip to Africa to visit one of their Children's Centers there.  Part of their work in Mozambique started after the country was torn apart from war, and consisted of them going out into the streets and bringing in homeless kids to a shelter/area they acquired by the Lord's power and grace. They now own hundreds of these children centers around the country and have trained hundreds of missionaries to run them. They have also trained hundreds of local African pastors who have planted churches in different villages around. 
I would recommend any and everyone to read her book! It is such an amazing story of their life, and their story being led to Mozambique! It also shows so much of the Lord's power, grace, and favor over their ministry! I love it! Plus it was such a fun, easy, and encouraging read! 
Anyways, I cannot wait to hear her speak this Thursday at my church.  It is literally a once and a lifetime event, and I cannot wait.  It's not just her, I am just excited to hear from someone with such passion and joy for the Lord and for His work! I can't wait to hear her heart and see the love she has for the Lord! 
Take a look at these pics, you can see the passion in her eyes! 

Anyways, if you are looking for something encouraging to read, you can pick that book up off of the Barnes and Noble Website. 
Use the link below to get to their sight! You won't regret getting this book! Then after you read all the testimonies, pass it on as an encouragement to one of your friends!