#ShareSomethingInspiring Week 1

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently participating in a Twitter challenge hosted by Fit Approach & Lorna Jane Active Wear! Over a month time, they are encouraging everyone to tweet about INSPIRING things! They give specific topics each day and you tweet using hashtag #ShareSomethingInspiring! & inspiring it has been! I haven't been using Twitter as much as Facebook & Instagram, but I have really started to enjoy it again! I would love for you to follow me @NFSisters & it's not TOO late to join in on the challenge! It's fun and so encouraging!

I have been meaning to write this WEEK 1 recap for a couple of days now, but I'm glad I waited.  I want to share with you my new favorite quote that I heard last night during the Twitter Party I attended. 



I love this and will be making a sign of this to put up in my house! & this is perfect inspiration for me as I begin my journey of starting to run again! I'm starting tonight as soon as my husband gets home.  Literally starting over, probably will run/walk a mile! So this will be great motivation!

So come join me on Twitter, and be encouraged by some awesome ladies! #ShareSomethingInspiring

& you could just win some great stuff! I won $150 to Lorna Jane at the Twitter Party last night! Wahoo!

little signautres

40lbs Down, 1 Month Post Baby

Well my little man is 1 month old already, and I am slowly but surely seeing this weight drop! Actually it's going pretty fast, but that's probably because I gained 65-70lbs during this pregnancy!

That seems so crazy to me, so much weight to gain, but I am officially 40lbs down, and have about 25-30lbs more to lose! And I am quite encouraged with the fact that I haven't even started working out yet, so hopefully once I start working out then I really continue to see the results.1532130_734587969927111_1578367399037048371_n

  I have been very aware of what I am eating though, and counting calories using the app My Fitness Pal, (which is awesome by the way! It links with my FitBit so that is a lot of fun, and helpful!) Along with eating well, I have also been going on a lot of walks! Either I go in the evening with my husband, or me and my other mommy friends go together! Both is a lot of fun... I either get good time with my friends, or a nice family outing....I am actually really enjoying walking! Although I am super ready to start running.


Next wednesday will be my 6 weeks mark, so I think I will start doing some light workouts.  I plan to start with the Beach Body T25 workouts, since they are 25minutes, I thought they would be a good starting point.  Along with that I also plan on starting to run.  Slowly but surely I know, but I am excited! I am hoping to run a "Firecracker 4 Miler" on the 4th of July in my hometown.  That is my first running goal, then we will go from there.

And I couldn't give you an update on my weightless progress without showing you a little sneak peek of my adorable man on his 1 month day! Isn't he darling!! I made that bow tie for him! Actually, I am selling Father-Son bow ties in my Etsy Store, if you are interested! Perfect gift for Father's Day!


Also, I wanted to let y'all know I am doing this awesome Twitter Challenge for the next month with Lorna Jane & Fit Approach! It's called #ShareSomethingInspiring, so the entire month we are tweeting and writing about things that inspire us! Obviously the first day I talked about my sweet son, and probably will more, because you all know how important it is to both me and big sis to be healthy for our families! Our big goal is to be healthy and fit and to teach our families to be the same! Anyways, follow along on Twitter and GET INSPIRED!! #SweatPink

little signautres