Ending My First Career

Today is a big day..... Today I put in my resignation at my first ever career. For the last 4 years I have worked at Hardin-Simmons University as the Coordinator of Student Activities. Basically put, I plan campus events for students among many other things. All of which are so much fun!

What kind of job would be better than this you ask....!?!?

I decided to end my first career, to start a career that will now last me a lifetime.... I am going to be a Stay At Home Mom!

Although I am sad to leave a place that has been such a huge piece of my life journey, and all the wonderful people I work with and the wonderful students I get to hang out with; I am so happy to have the opportunity to stay home with my sweet son.

I am thankful that I have this opportunity and I am trusting God to provide everything we need as we make this transition as a family!

With a thankful heart! -Little Sis