BYE BYE SUGAR!! Sharing my No-Sugar Menu!

So....if you listened to my Podcast this week, you know that I am starting a 1 year journey of taking SUGAR out of my family's diet! Bye Bye Sugar Menu from #leaveyourlegacy

WOAH! Did I seriously just commit to that!? Yep I did, and I'm excited about the journey! I know that it will be a challenge, but I am excited to see how no-sugar affects my body, my energy level, and so many other aspects of my life.  Plus, I am excited to explore other options, like how to have sweet treats that are sweetened naturally. Like cooking with dates....which I have never done, but I know many people do as a natural sweetener.

Anyways, so to Kick-Start my year of NO SUGAR, I decided to start with JJ Virgin's the Virgin Diet. It was after listening to a podcast featuring her, that I realized I need to do this.  There had been several things about sugar that had stuck out to me in the week's leading up to that, but once I listened to this podcast I knew it was something I had to do.  So on Sunday, I started a NO SUGAR, SOY, DAIRY, EGGS, CORN, PEANUTS, or GLUTEN diet.  The diet will last three weeks, and then each week after that I will add dairy, gluten, eggs, and soy back in, one at a time.  The basis of this diet is that a lot of time foods can cause food intolerances in our body which can lead to major issues. (FIND out more on my February PODCAST!) So, after you have cleansed your system of these foods you add them back in to see how you body reacts and if you can tolerate those foods. may be asking...if you are taking ALL of those things out!?! Then WHAT THE HECK IS LEFT! That's why I decided to share my Week 1 Menu with you guys, so that you can see that I am still eating lots of food, and lots of good food.  The hardest part is at night when I want to snack! So far though it has gone well, and I have already seen the scales move, like 5lbs down, which she claims will definitely happen when you do the Virgin Diet.

Bye Bye Sugar Menu from #leaveyourlegacy

A few notes:

  • I actually started on Sunday, so we ate on the whole chicken throughout the week
  • I made enough for each meal to have leftovers the next day for lunches
  • I know I am eating a lot of the same things, but that is my choice! I love avocado and sweet potatoes! So that works for me! You can also have great salads for lunch.
  • I bought thick turkey slices from a deli for lunches.

Like I mentioned, the hardest part is not having snacks late at night.  I am planning to make some sweet potato chips and kale chips for next week to have as snacks when I'm craving something salty!

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So why am I doing all this BYE BYE SUGAR stuff!? 



For me,  I'm doing it to make a better life for me and my family! I know that sugar has huge impacts on us that we aren't aware of, and I believe that if I raise my son, and change my lifestyle to be less sugar, then we will be healthier and feel better overall! So basically, I want to LEAVE A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE for my family, and I believe this is part of it!! Teaching him to eat healthy and make wise choices and habits that will impact him for the rest of his life! And it really does help to REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED! In all areas of life! Have a vision, a goal, a purpose in why you are doing it, so that when things get hard, you have motivation to fall back on! This will probably be true over and over again for me in 2015! I will constantly need to come back to this and REMEMBER WHY I STARTED!



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