Buying a House is a Hassle

Little Sis Here....I haven't said much about this, just waiting for everything to go through before I proclaim this to everyone! Actually, I haven't even put anything about it on my own personal facebook page or if you aren't a close friend of mine, you may not know that my husband and I are trying to buy a house!

For the past two years we have had host sons from China live with us.  We decided this January that after this school year we wouldn't do that again! We feel like it is time for us to settle down more, spend time together, and prepare to start our own family! And so it began....the search for our very own home!

Our boys before going to their High School Formal! (We had just gotten back from bike riding)

All was going well for the first few months (started in February).  Then in April we found a house! It was a wonderful neighborhood, one of the most loved, and well grown neighborhoods in our town.  It has actual REAL trees throughout the neighborhood.  (Which is a big deal for Abilene, Texas)!! At first we thought we wanted a newer, ready to move into home.  Then when we started looking we realized so many of those homes are all the same! And in older homes we saw character and potential.  And that is exactly what we saw in the house we fell in love with! It was built in 1929, and is over 2,000 square feet.  Did I mention that it has a HUGE garage...separated into two rooms.  Both big enough for my husband's wood working shop, and my own cute, trendy little craft room! DREAM COME TRUE!

3 bedroom, 2 bath

Plus the backyard is beautiful, and huge! So there is space for the dogs, and then still a lot of room for a nice area for us! And any of the items in the house we don't love, like the kitchen and master bath, we were okay with because the house has room and potential for those places to be remodeled and made exactly how we want them!

So began the journey of making the house ours!

It has been a big hassle...with student loans and job circumstances.  We make the right amount of money to get the home, but with other circumstances, and the way the money comes to us, they are having a problem approving our loan! We were supposed to close on June 1st.  But that got pushed back and we have started all the way over.  We are still in the waiting & PRAYING period! We should know the final verdict, if our loan will be approved by next week!

Our mortgage lender is very positive that is will be approved! So we are hoping for the best!

Obviously we really want this house! We have so many dreams for this home.  Plus if we don't get it we still have to be out of our house by the 30th :-) So we will have to find something QUICK!! But that is another story! haha

Anyways, definitely be in prayer with us that all will go through and we will get this home!

The day we looked at the house and decided to put a bid on it!

little signautres