Budgeting Wallet Giveaway


We are so excited to bring you another great giveaway... and the best part is.. everyone wins! Someone will receive the FREE wallet of choice and everyone else can get 15% off using our coupon code Naturally15. Better believe I will be getting one! Today's Giveaway is Laura over at Thrifty Zippers. I asked her to tell you a little bit about herself and her business... so I will get right to it.


My name is Laura and I am the face behind the wallets. My husband,

Jeremiah, is the brains behind the whole operation. 2 years ago

Jeremiah and I were newly married and adjusting to a lot of new

things. One of those things was a joint bank account.  Both of us

never really grew up on a "budget" so we didn't really understand how

to spend money wisely. I mean, the plastic card never tells you no!

Fast forward to February and we decided one evening to add up

everything we had spent that month and it was insane! Plus, February

is a short month! Needless to say, we needed a change and quick. We

had both heard of Dave Ramsey before and knew he had done a lot for

people in regards to helping them with their financial situations but

I thought it was just for people with tons of debt.  Well, it's not.

We started the envelope system right away.  Basically each month you

pull out a lump sum of all the money you are going to spend for the

month. You divide it into the envelopes of your choice and that's all

your allowed to spend for the month.  Makes sense right? The first few

months we did this I used actual letter size envelopes and kinda felt

like a dummy pulling those out at the store not to mention the fact

that they would fall apart before the end of each month. So I found a

tutorial on the internet for a wallet made from oilcloth (kind of like

vinyl but thinner and more cute) and made my first wallet.  After a

year or so of getting so many compliments Jeremiah decided that I

should sell them.


We now have a pretty good little business and you

can find us on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and ThriftyZippers.com

We almost always ship your wallet either the same day or the next. I

really pride myself in getting you your wallet quick! Check us out and

feel free to email me with comments or questions!



Make sure you check her ETSY shop out and see all she has to offer! 

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