Budget Series Week 4 *Giveaway*


Today's giveaway is a fun giveaway if you are someone that LOVES to be organized. I have to say that I have had one of these sets for over a year now and it has helped me be more organized in our bills, groceries, calendar of events, etc. EVERYTHING! I would like to introduce you to Monica, the owner of Fresh and Organized over at Etsy. She has some wonderful products to offer anyone that is looking for organization in their life. This could go along with Nate's post yesterday... because in order to get set up young for retirement, you are probably going to need some organization first! Let's hear from Monica for a minute.

"My name is Monica and I have an Etsy shop where I sell printables designed to help people get more organized! I've always been a bit of a neat freak and though I can't say I'm perfectly organized, I do enjoy TRYING to be organized! I strongly believe that external clutter = internal clutter, and being organized helps people to lead happier and more productive lives."

She has been so gracious to offer ONE of you a FREE Money Management Set!! So look no further to be organized... just enter this giveaway! All you need to get is a binder to put your papers in! :)

Money Management Set

You can find her at these places:

It is quick and simple to enter.. so go ahead.. and share with your friends! :)