Budget Series Week 3: Ways to Live Frugally Part II


As we continue through our series, we thought finishing up Part II of living the frugal life would be good this week. I hope you found some of the items that we mentioned from the new book we have to be beneficial. We would love to hear from you on how you strive to live a frugal life in your home. Everyone has such great ideas and so different that it is neat to see what others do.. and even better when you decide to give it a try for yourself!

Today we are going to go through the rest of the book... and I am going to give some of my favorite tips that it shares from the following topics: Health, Housing, Insurance, Love and Marriage, Socializing, Shopping, Utilities and Bills, Vacations


  • Exercise Regularly ... it can be very inexpensive and keep your medical costs down by being healthy. You do not have to have a Gym Membership just to exercise. Seriously, my favorite form is going out with my son and going for a walk/run.
  • Substitute Healthier Food Options- Sometimes people think that eating healthier is more expensive, but really it isn't the case. Again, it keeps you healthier and if you do it slowly, you won't notice near as big of a difference in your grocery budget.
  • Eliminate Smoking and Minimize Drinking- Drinking and smoking, especially when done excessively adds up. If you smoke or drink regularly, have you ever figured out what you spend? You might be shocked.
  • Consider traveling for surgeries or other medical care- The book talks about traveling to another country for care. If you live near a border (Mexico) it might be worth it. I actually know people that do that regularly because their health care is so much cheaper, and still good. (not sure how I personally feel about that...)
  • As your doctor for prescription samples and generic prescriptions!
  • If you are planning to move in the next five years or you don't have a down payment - RENT! (Don't judge us, we really thought we would be in California for at least 5 years.. lol)
  • Consider a cheaper part of the country when buying-- or a cheaper neighborhood.
  • Know EXACTLY what you can afford before you look.
  • Look for a Fixer-Upper Home
  • Ask the seller to pay Closing Costs and Other Fees
  • Learn how to do simple home maintenance tasks (I am so lucky that I married a man a lot like my own dad in the aspect that he wants to fix things when their is a problem! He would research and research and he would handle it. Not one time while we lived in our home in Cali did we call in someone professional!)
  • Rent out Unused Rooms- I have friends and family who do this... 
  • Know your discounts with insurance.
  • Try Bundling your Policies for Discounts
  • Pay ALL bills on time!
  • Work on raising your credit score!
  • Give gifts of sincerity and don't spend just to impress
  • Along with planning free weekends- plan a FREE DATE!
  • Find areas of mutual interests with your love that don't involve spending money!
  • Get on the same page financially -I finally feel that after 10 years of marriage that my husband truly are on the same page financially. I still might spend a little more frivolously than him, but it is so very different than in the past. Moving and my becoming a SAHM has really changed me! For the better. 
  • Realize that money doesn't heal marital problems!
  • Get involved in community activities
  • Join clubs that are free: Book, Bunco, etc.
  • Share Money-Saving Tips with Your Friends
  • Don't shop for Entertainment's Sake
  • Discover Craigslist and Freecycle (Facebook has so many great USED groups in most areas)
  • Get into FREE Customer Programs
  • Shop for Coupons
  • Only Buy the Specific Items you went into the store for... yea, how many times do you walk into Wal-Mart for toilet paper and $150 you walk out and forgot that darn toilet paper???
  • Don't store your Credit Card with an Online Shopping Site ... oh yea, this can be so bad. Thank you, Amazon for teaching me that!! 
  • Eliminate Monthly Services that you Don't use!
  • Take a hard look at everything you do each month that has a monthly fee: Club Fees, Gym Feeds, TV, Internet, etc.
  • Don't go over cell minutes
  • Ask about Termination Fees
  • Be aware of introductory deals and when they end!
  • Know what EVERY fee is on EVERY bill
  • Pay your Bills on a Weekly Cycle, not a monthly
  • Schedule Bills to be paid Automatically!!!
  • When planning a vacation- plan WAY in advance!
  • Do your OWN travel planning!
  • Camp! In a TENT!
  • Explore your local area, guess is there is plenty you haven't seen in your local town!
  • Avoid Typical Souvenirs
  • Vacation with others!

This book is really a great book! Each point (and I left off a lot) has a paragraph of details... If you are someone that wants more information on any of these points, please feel free to ask here on a comment or email us at info@naturallysisters.com and we will send it to you. If you want to borrow this book, feel free to ask and I will put it in the mail! Sometimes it just takes a FEW changes to see a difference!

We are really enjoying this series so far and we hope you are too! The rest of the series we have specific topics and several guest bloggers that will be here to share with us! We hope you will stick around!!!



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