Buddy Drive in Honor of our Big Brother

If you have followed us for some time you know that we lost our big brother in a tragic accident almost five years ago. Actually, December 3rd will be 5 years. That seems insane!


We have decided to do something in his honor and on his 5 Year "Heaven-versary." So we are putting on a Buddy Drive. What does this mean?

*People are purchasing Scentsy Buddies for $27.06-which includes taxes and shipping.

*All buddies are shipping to our mom's house.

*On, or around, 12/3 our mom, family, and brother's THREE children will go and deliver these in his honor.


Our brother worked at a Children's Home called Truman Smith. He loved his job and loved the sweet kids that lived in his home even more. Truman Smith is a care center for seriously disabled children (mentally & physically). He loved the people and the children, and the night he died he was working on a mural in the lobby of the center!


There are 95 children in the home and we are raising funds to buy 95 buddies. How does it work?

*You tell us you would like to purchase a buddy in his honor.

*We purchase the buddy ourself in order to save on shipping.


We would love to have your help! We have already raised 35 buddies in TWO days! We are doing this for 3 months! Any extra that are raised will be donated to another home that we are still deciding on! Please contact Big or Little Sis if you would like to donate a buddy in honor of our brother!






Thank you for your support! Please let us know if you would like to help in the Buddy Drive.