Well the house is officially ours!

You may remember the HASSLE I spoke of previously.....well that is all over now!

We are officially home owners, and we have been working on this house since we put down the pen from signing on it!

First we started with getting the front nice and neat! We plan on renting a pressure washer to wash the brick and fence, but we went ahead and bought new sconces for beside the door, and tons of plants! I will show some updates on those for now.

We also took some old shabby flower pots, and wow what spray paint can do!


These go on our porch and look so much better! (more photos to come next week)

Then we spent all week prepping our house to be painted!! That included the hassle of picking paint! It is crazy how a color looks on the swatch and in the sample can, and yet comes out totally different on the wall!


This happened with several of the grays we tried.  Like the 3rd from the right...it came out on the wall as a baby blueish color, but definitely looked like a wonderful gray in the jar!

*We are going for gray tones in the house*

We are starting painting tonight, and will stay busy with that ALL WEEKEND I am sure! I am so excited to see the transformation! Plus we got an AMAZING deal at Lowes! Everything we needed for painting an entire house for 1/2 off! We save over $300!! Thanks to the favor and grace of the Lord!

And sometime during the week my husband found time to start ripping up the floors!


That's three layers of old flooring gone!

So needless to say we have been and will be very busy for now!!

But I am so excited to keep you up-to-date with our progress!

We have such big plans for our FIRST HOME! and I am so ready to start seeing transformation...and of course ready to start buying and making "cute" things for my house! I have my eye on an amazing crystal chandelier for my gray dining room that I know will look incredible! Just waiting for the moment when my husband says GO GET IT!!

You can also follow along with our transformation on Instagram! I will be posting lots from there!

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