Blue Pillows

In case you were wondering...this is the second phase to the new changes to my living room! 
You can read about my first small changes in living room decor here at Blue Mantle
As a recap, I recently decided to change my living room colors up a bit.  The easiest and cheapest way I found to do this was by adding in a color to my already burnt orange/brown/tan living room color scheme.  Rather than throwing out what I have, I changed it up by adding in a new color! BLUE! 
I started by doing the mantle I have attached above, then I decided to recover some pillows that came with our couch.  
Here is the fabric that inspired me to go blue!
These are the first pillows I made. The left is the cushion/pillow that came with our couch, these had started to rip on the sides, so I covered them to look like the one on the right. 
I also made this little throw pillow for our side chair.  Here you can see all three colors together, the brown, burnt orange, and blue. 
Later I also made this small throw pillow for our couch. This little pillow only took about 25 minutes to make and I loved the way it turned out.  

So here's our couch with some of these pillows all done! I love the way it turned out, and the way the blue is getting tied into our living room.  Also, there is a little sneak peak to the next BLUE post I will be putting up of our wall! 

 Remember, you can make small changes to your room and it can look totally different!! What do you think of my new color scheme? 
-Little Sis