Blogging to Blog

Oh how I miss blogging. YEARS ago I started blogging when my family moved to Japan-- or before, I can't remember. I loved it. I loved keeping our family that wasn't close to us physically updated with what was going on in our lives. I had friends follow and comment… and it was then I feel people really enjoyed my blogs. It was then that I enjoyed my blogs.

During that time you saw us move across the world, watch as I struggled to get a teaching job overseas, celebrated when I did. You were there during both of Nate's deployments, to share in the awesome excitement of my first pregnancy, to watch us as we climbed Mt. Fuji. It was at my first blog that many of you learned that my brother had been killed in a car wreck just a few weeks before my baby sister's wedding… you guys walked with me as I had my baby boy, you listened to the mommy fun I was having, watched my baby grow in that first year. You were there for me as the husband left when Noah was only 7 months old and you were at my blog waiting… waiting.. and waiting to hear from me on March 11, 2011 when Japan had the earthquake and tsunami… Thank you all for being there. I loved blogging then.

And I still love blogging. The thing with me is… I am a real person. I love to be real. I love to write, but not forced writing. Sister and I joined our blogs, which has been AWESOME! But I found when we are doing giveaways, writing in series, etc…. I got burned out. I wasn't coming to write to you as my family and friends… I was trying to be a blogger. :D I am a blogger, regardless of what I write- and I miss blogging.. So, my goal is to try and blog to you more often.. Share my life with you- my babies with you..

As we venture into this new season of homeschooling, I hope to build my online base of homeschooling families, share with you the things we are doing on a daily basis that way those of you that want to HS can see what we are doing.. give tips and learn together!

So here is to writing about my new life with you!

A life that consists of….

-Living in Florida now

-Having 2 children now


-Owning my own business

-A messy house

And so much more!