Blog-Buddy Christmas Ornament Exchange

I am so excited!!
The Natural-Nester Sisters are hosting their very first gift exchange....but this is not any ordinary gift exchange, this is the BLOG-BUDDY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT SWAP! 

How fun is that! 
Here's how it works....
you go to the Elfster link below and sign up.  Share with us your information, of course include your mailing address, but also tell us some about yourself.  What is your favorite color, pattern, design, what Christmas theme is your house or tree...anything that will help your partner find the best Christmas ornament possible for you this year! 
Then, on December 5th you will get an email from us telling who your partner is.  You have a spending limit of no more than $10.00...take the info your partner gives and find them an amazing Christmas ornament.  You can buy a cute ornament or make them something great!  Just be sure you mail it to them by December 10th so that they can receive it and enjoy it for the holiday season! 
Once you receive your gift we want everyone in the swap to write a blog post about their new ornament.  Share about your partner and who they are, then show off the cute ornaments that you swapped with one another!! 

So don't be shy, let's have some fun and meet some new blog buddies! 
Sign up by clicking the link below, and be sure to grab a button so that others know about the event and can come over to join in on the fun! 


How to Sign Up: Click on the link above and it will direct you to Elfster. Once at Elfster, Click Yes. Then click RSVP.  
If you already have an Elfster account, go ahead and login. Otherwise, click Join. You will then see the screen above and can either create an account or login with Facebook. 
After you have entered in your info, you will then be directed to the home page of the gift exchange on Elfster. Once there, you can send email invites to your friends {more the merrier!}, share something with the group {a crafting tip?}, and add your picture to your profile. You can also put a link to your blog, Facebook, or Pinterest page on your profile, if you’d like. You can also create an Elfster wishlist so that your partner can get an idea of what you like and what your style is. I just added a text wishlist with answers to the questions above, but you can also find links of things that you like and put them on your wishlist. 
A Few More things: 
You do not need a blog to participate!
How will I know who my partner is? You will get an email on December 5, 2012 with your assigned person’s name and information.