Bittersweet Lemonade Giveaway

Do you have that FAVORITE cup that you love to drink out of?

In my house we have two cabinets with two different styles of cups in them. When we were moving from Cali to Texas we were packing stuff up for storage and new house... but we could not decide which cups to bring. So I brought both styles. Husband enjoys regular glass cups and I slowly started to enjoy my mason jars to use as my cup... we always had extra from canning and they ended up in the cabinet. I have had a few people mention it and how old school it is :)

Well.. I have a NEW favorite cup... and it just so happens.... it is a Big Mason Jar Cup!!! I love it.


Patrice from Bittersweet Lemonade sent me a new cup to review for you guys. From the moment I pulled it from the box, I was in love and using it non-stop. She was so great to put our very on Naturally Sisters decal on it- so you know I love it even more. This cup is amazing. I use it daily and I have actually gotten lots of compliments on it. The fact that it is glass and is still surviving after only a month tells you how much I really do love this sipper! Often times it is hard to keep the glass cups safe with my clumsy self AND my toddler running around wanting my cup.

She has such a huge variety of 'sippers' to chose from and will even personalize them to your liking, as she did ours. You need to check them out at her ETSY SHOP. She has many different shapes, sizes, colors... they are all so fun.

The cup I tried out and that someone will be receiving is a taller cup. I am SO glad she sent a tall one over because I am that customer in a restaurant that needs you to just go ahead and leave the water bottle so I can fill my own water up over.. and over... and over.

The sipper is put together so well. It has a seal at the top that has the straw going through it. I have not had any issues with my drink coming out, even when it has fallen over!


I would recommend washing your sippers by hand and not putting into the dishwasher. Maybe I am just precautions, but I would rather be safe than sorry. The sippers clean easily because of the wide mouth... but I would worry about the decal coming off running it through the dishwasher. At Naturally Sisters we tell our customers the same thing when they purchase water bottles from us with decals on it.

I am so excited that one of you get to win your own sipper. She customized it for you and it says "Workout Diva" ... I am sure even if you don't work out, you know some girl that would love this sipper. They are really fun cups and I have gotten SO many compliments from it- even from men. Men are very intrigued with the top and how the straw goes through!

What you win?

-Customized Sipper that says "Workout Diva"

-Healthy Supplements placed inside for you to try!


I asked Patrice to send me over information about her business... so here you have it:

"Bittersweet Lemonade - "Summer Sippin' the way you Remember it"

I like all things vintage and I love lemonade... I also like to drink out of glass, especially mason jars.. I realized there was a market out there for mason jar drinks.. I knew I needed to make them special so I came up with the name bittersweet lemonade and make my mason jars for ALL ages and lifestyles .. kids (8oz sippers) parties (16oz sippers) and portable day drinks/sports drinks 24oz.

All of my sippers can be personalized and are dishwasher safe, (I recommend you hand wash the lids because the are tin).... They are STURDY because they are intended for canning and I think they keep your drinks colder because they are tempered canning jar glass. Wouldn't YOU rather drink from a glass jar vs. an acrylic bottle? Bittersweet Lemonade thinks so too!"

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