Birth Story-Baby #3-Ezekiel Cruz Suell

My water actually broke with this one!

It’s true, with both other babies…even #2 that came literally 6 minutes within getting in our room at the hospital, my water has never broken on it’s own, but this time it did! It was nothing glorious, but it’s something I desired and prayed for, and it happened!

Okay, let’s start from the beginning!


Around 36 or 37 weeks, I really felt like this baby was going to come early. Which honestly kind of annoyed me because instead of patiently waiting and enjoying my last few weeks of pregnancy, I was anxiously noticing every little weird thing that happened with my body, emotions, mindset. Which….in the last month of pregnancy, A LOT HAPPENS! And yet nothing ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

I honestly don’t know why I thought he would come early since neither of my other babies did. I had Zander at 40 weeks +2 days, (and I took castor oil to make it happen….I was eager with my 1st baby)! I had Eliza at 41weeks pregnant (and I took castor oil as a way to naturally induce and skip out on hospital induction…not a fan)

You can read both of those birth stories here….ZANDER & ELIZA!
Each of my birth stories were sweet and unique in their own!

Praying for My Water to Break

So….around a week before my due date, I finally realized…I’ve always wanted my water to break, but instead of just wanting it, I need to straight up ask God for it. I know it’s NOT a big deal, but to me it was a desire of my heart, and….

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” -Psalm 37:4

This was a verse my grandmother made sure I memorized early in my life, and so I knew it was truth.

So I asked God blatantly for my water to break, and I told a group of my girl friends that I was praying for that, and they began praying with me too!

39 week appointment

So, after my 39 week appointment, which I waited at for nearly 2 hours…WITH MY KIDS! And for some reason that time I didn’t bring books or toys or anything….sorry to everyone in the waiting room!

I finally got in at lunchtime, and I didn’t even get to see my doctor. (which is why they said it was taking so long, they wanted me to see him but he was called out for a birth)

So I saw the nurse practitioner, which was fine with me. She checked me and really had to dig deep to feel my cervix, and said I was barely dialated… “Cool. that makes me happy!” haha

So backstory, my platelets had been low during this pregnancy, which wasn’t new for me. This happened in pregnancy #1, and the LAST WEEK they went up! We prayed, and it worked!
Same thing happened this time, they gradually decreased each week, (which could get dangerous if I was in an accident or had to have an emergency C-Section because if my platelets are too low and I’m bleeding, my blood won’t clot and I could bleed out).
Then finally, with everyone praying, and me having to go bi-weekly, then weekly to get labs done, my platelets went up that last week AGAIN! Thank you God!

So I went home like normal, and that night I got a call from my doctor.

Who randomly told me because my platelets didn’t rise enough, he didn’t feel super comfortable with me continuing and basically wanted me to pick an induction date….

“Huh…? Wait, what did you say?”


This took me by surprise. Actually SHOCKED me.
Kids were asleep and my husband was at the gym.
I didn’t know what to say or think, I just sat there.

We got off the phone with a…talk to your husband and give me a call back.

Now if you know me or have read my other birth stories, I’ve had 2 all natural births which have gone incredible well, and I wanted that for this birth too! However, with my other 2 I did take castor oil…. (as explained above) to help naturally induce me.

This birth I was praying would all happen on it’s own and I was waiting until the LAST POSSIBLE moment to have to use castor oil, and prayed my water would break and it would all just happen!

So when my husband got home, and after talking on Marco Pollo to some girl friends, I was ready to call my doctor back and push back on the induction. Yes, I trusted him, but I also knew my body could do this, and with two amazing births before this one, and no problems with baby, I felt comfortable to keep waiting.

When he answered, he admitted he thought longer about it and with my body and good health he felt comfortable with me waiting. (I didn’t even have to give him my spill that I had ready haha). All he wanted was for me to do 5 days of steroids to help boost my platelets. (I had tried not to get those just because I don’t love the use of medicine in general, but if it was steroids vs. inducing, I chose steroids). So I went into that for the next 5 days, which ended the night before my 40 week appointment.


My 40 week appointment actually fell on the night when I was 39 weeks, 6 days. So the day BEFORE MY DUE DATE!

Another appointment where we had to wait forever! The appointment was at like 4:30PM, and we didn’t leave until after 6PM.

However, I did get to see my doctor this time. My platelets had gone up…yep I had to get blood drawn again first thing that morning. He was so happy to see a large jump due to the steroids boosting them though!

He checked me, and I was dilated to 3 centimeters, and 75% effaced.
He stripped my membrane as well that night.

That night, I just felt like something was different. I was starving, so we went out to eat at Fuzzy’s as a family.

Also, side-note, on this day I felt very energetic. (which could have been due to steroids still being in my system), but I went on my normal 2mile walk with the kids, I DID A WORKOUT! It was the launch of a new program and I wanted to do Day 1’s workout! (the past 2-3 weeks I had really just been walking as my workout, usually 2 miles a day) THEN, that night after dinner, my husband stopped at a home he was working on, and I walked home from there. Totally 3.5 miles the entire day of walking, plus a workout.

We got home, kids went to sleep, I took a bath, and unlike the past week which had me up at late times, I was ready for bed by 9:45PM.

The morning of my due date! This was me, at 40 weeks pregnant!

The morning of my due date! This was me, at 40 weeks pregnant!


The next morning was APRIL 2ND, 2019!


I woke up and just soaked in the morning.
I had a cuddle + worship + reading time with the kids on the couch
The kids grabbed their own hospital story books and we read them and looked at pics of their births together!
I wanted a hot bath, and they wanted to join me, so we did that!

Then I wanted to go for a walk because it was my norm, but I also just didn't feel like it. I felt like I should save my energy. I kept telling the kids we were going, they got totally ready, then sitting by the door to put my shoes on I made the decision to NOT walk today.

(In the back of my mind I wondered if he would come today….but I didn’t want to say it out loud because I had wondered that for the past 3 weeks. But they say you get a burst of energy before…(hello the day before and all of my activity) and then I just felt like I should conserve energy that day)

Yes I had been having some contractions that morning, but nothing secure enough to track or even know when it stopped and started. Felt more like pressure down there than pain too.

Around noon I sat in my bed to read the kids books before nap time. During the book reading Daddy got home for lunch. At 12:30PM I got out of bed to go to their room to put them down, and I felt something NASTY coming out of me!

Yep…I would guess this was my MUCUS PLUG!

Being lazy and playing with my kids all morning

Being lazy and playing with my kids all morning


Needless to say, I never put my kids down for a nap on this day. Instead I went straight to my bathroom to see what was happening. I was about 100% sure I had just passed my mucus plug. Which was pretty exciting since that hadn’t happened in any other pregnancies. I quickly sent my son to grab his dad, and when he came in I told him.

Now just because this happened, I wasn’t overly excited since I knew this could happen hours before birth or even days. My husband asked if he should stay home or go back to work, and I definitely said go back.

He went ahead to the kitchen to have lunch, and I wondered if it was just my mucus plug or also my water. From there I felt like I needed to do stuff, and be aware of my body and if any more fluid would come out.

I went and picked things up randomly in the living room, did some dishes. And as I was standing at the sink I felt more liquid coming out, and went to the bathroom. From there I was Marco Polloing my girls group I mentioned above that were also praying for my water to break. Yep….Marco Polloing in the bathroom (don’t judge me, I’m sure you’ve done it!)

I literally was telling them I wasn't sure if my water had broke or what, when water began streaming out. It was slow and only a little, but like “they” said, it was that feeling of peeing but you knew you weren’t peeing.

When I told my husband I thought my water broke, he assured me, NO WAY! When they have broken it at the hospital it gushes out! hahaha I let him know that it can gush or be a slow thing when it happens on it’s own.

The slow fluid coming out happened a couple of other times too.

My husband was eating lunch, I was keeping busy, both of us wondering if my water had broke?!?!?

My husband was eating lunch, I was keeping busy, both of us wondering if my water had broke?!?!?

Go to the hospital…? Or Not??

So…. since I really wasn’t having real contractions I sent my husband back to work. He was only at a house about 1.5 miles down the road, so I felt fine with him leaving.

I felt like my water had broken, but honestly I wasn’t 100% sure.

My girlfriends told me I was crazy to not GO TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT AWAY. Since my daughter had been born so quickly! But for me, I wanted to make 100% sure I was in labor before I went to the hospital and had to be connected to all sorts of cords!

I’m a huge proponent of laboring at home, and having freedom to move around as much as I want or need.

So, like I mentioned, all of that happened around 12:30PM, my husband stuck around for at least another 30 minutes or maybe even an hour before going back to work, and I waited. I waited to see if my body would have more contractions.

At some point during this time, I told my mom to come on to Abilene. (she lives 5 1/2 hours away). I was so hesitant to tell her that, but thinking my water broke, I just knew she needed to come.

Yes I was having them, but still not painful, and not super consistent, just mostly pressure.

At some point though, I had a pretty hard contraction. In my mind and opinion, I feel like that was the first real one, and the first difficult one. It was that time that I realized….OMG! If my water broke, and that’s a real contraction….there’s no one here to watch my kids, AND my husband isn’t here yet!

”What am I doing!???”

So I called my husband and my friend!

Let me take a shower first…

Yep you heard that right….

I had a hard contraction and realized I wanted to and was READY to go to the hospital.

My husband comes home, and he says he is going to take a shower first….

“Excuse me…what!??”

He informed me he hadn’t taken one in two days….I’m over here thinking…okay but if I have this baby at home and you have to deliver him, DON’T YOU GO BLAMING ME.

He took a shower quickly and my friend got to my house. I gave her an eye and informed her Meguell was getting out of the shower. I would say at this point I was feeling a little like I NEEDED to get to the hospital, and a little irritable. We left in the next 3 minutes.

Now THAT was a REAL contraction!

Once we got in the car….oh let me inform you our car was on EMPTY! Like fully empty, needed gas ASAP!

Anyways, once we got in the car, it was like my body kicked into gear! I had a REAL, and a hard contraction on the way there. At this point my contractions were around 4-5minutes apart, but still slightly inconsistent.

I remember thinking….OMG get there quick, I don’t want to have another contraction in this car. The first one was rough! So we ran a redlight and sped to get there.

My husband dropped me at the door and went to park.

(funny side note, we left our emergency lights on, and when he went to run an errand a day after the baby was born, our new car was dead, AND we had to buy a new battery…)

I went in, trying to stay calm, but feeling a little flustered. HOPING I got on an elevator alone. It would be so awkward to have a contraction with other people on the elevator. I did, and made it to the labor and delivery floor. My husband came quickly behind me.

I Pre-Registered This Time!

With baby #2 I totally forgot to pre-register at the hospital. This time, I did not forget! My husband even called on our way there to let them know we were coming.

They sure moved mighty slow though. My husband speculated that maybe they don’t see a lot of people ACTUALLY in labor these days haha.

Anyways, while he stood at the window answering questions and waiting for the lady to let us in….(this was after I filled out a form), I had to walk off for another contraction. A man wearing scrubs asked if I was okay. I just waved him off (nicely), assuring him I was, but please don’t talk to me is what I was thinking.

They took us in, weighed me, and took me right to a room.

There the nurse checked me, and I was dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced.

I was somewhat chatting with my mom and sister when we first got to the hospital. Laboring in the bathroom alone, and I decided between contractions to snap this pic!

I was somewhat chatting with my mom and sister when we first got to the hospital. Laboring in the bathroom alone, and I decided between contractions to snap this pic!

Laboring At The Hospital

Over the course of the next hour and a half several things happened, and I may not have them in the right order.

At some point my husband went back to the car….I told him, “Don’t take your time.”

My doctor poked his head in the door and told Meguell I knew it wouldn’t be long. (I was in the bathroom at this time)

And several nurses came in the room to setup all of the birthing instruments.

Meguell said… “Wow yall are setting up already??” And our nurse replied…”Well your doctor let us know we probably shouldn’t waste any time getting ready with yall, and that this would probably go fast.”

We guessed by text messages that we sent that we arrived to the hospital around 2:40PM. (btw we didn’t have to stop for gas haha we definitely were running on fumes in our van though).

All the time this was happening, I was in the bathroom most of the time.

1) Actually trying to go to the bathroom. You see with the other babies I took castor oil which meant I got totally cleaned out before labor. With this one, I actually had to poop! But I couldn’t because I didn’t have time to poop between having contractions. So that was super uncomfortable.

2) I stayed in the bathroom to labor alone because it just felt better. Plus I was avoiding getting hooked up to all of the machines and getting an IV.

I would come in and out of the bathroom and the nurse would ask me questions. Honestly, I don’t know what the point in pre-registering is, considering all of the questions they ask and forms they fill out once you get to the hospital!

So at one point when I came out she informed me she needed to put the heart rate monitor on my belly. Although I did NOT want to get into the bed. I was enjoying the freedom of being cord free and walking around when I needed to have contractions. So….she put a portable one on me! NO CORDS!! Yes! I was so thankful.

I laid in the bed to get that on. Then another nurse came in to do an IV. I asked her if there was anyway to avoid it. She said no. Although she just plugged it up once it was in. And FYI it was never used. Finally the day after baby was born I asked a nurse to take it out.

I continued going back to the bathroom or using the labor ball to contract.

I remember thinking….do I want to pray for this to speed up? or am I ready for the intensity that I know is going to come soon? Although if I don’t pray for it to speed up, I have to continue having these hard contractions for a long time hahaha I would just contract and say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…” while I did, praying in the bathroom during contractions. Another reason I wanted to be alone in the bathroom. So I could talk/pray out loud haha.

When Can You Check Me Again…?

After having several more pretty intense contractions in the bathroom I stuck my head out to ask the nurse when she would check me again.

She told me if I felt like things were changing she could. I definitely felt like I was feeling much more pressure down there during contractions.

She gave me the option to stand or lay while she checked me. I chose to lay in the bed. It was only the 3rd time I had been in the bed. Once to be checked the first time, another time for the heart rate monitor, and then this time.

I guess my husband snapped this pic at some point

I guess my husband snapped this pic at some point

You’re a 9!

3:50PM: This time when she checked me, I was dilated to a 9!

She asked if I felt the need to push!


Now I’ll admit, at this point, the need to push wasn't as prevalent as I remember with my other two, but with the option to get the doctor, push and baby come, I WAS READY!

So they called for the doctor who got there quick.

SIDENOTE: while I was in the bed contracting, and waiting for the doctor, only a few moments, she asked if I could sign a paper….like what? NO! haha I literally told her no, and that I would do it after I had the baby. I was trying to concentrate and find some peacefulness between contractions, NOT focus on paperwork! (once again…WHY DID I PRE-REGISTER??!??) *disclaimer, I’m not sure if this happened at this time or when I was in bed getting the heart rate monitor on, but it happened at some point when I was NOT wanting it to! hahaha

I stayed in the bed at this point, and contractions started to feel more intense. I mainly keep my hands over my eyes, and eyes shut.

I remember all of a sudden smelling lavender! THANK YOU HUSBND for being on point with getting my diffuser going! (It’s something I always pack in my hospital bag, and we use it during birth (when time permits), and in our room the next couple of days too).

It seriously was the perfect timing and I thought…..let your mind go to the peacefulness of that smell versus the pain of the labor right now! I felt more peaceful! (a practice I have learned well in Yoga)

The doctor came in, and I remember them realizing the bed I was on was not a labor bed. Meaning it didn’t fold down at the end or have stirrups. My eyes were still shut, but I was full on contracting thinking….DO NOT TRY TO MOVE ME.

Meguell informed me later they looked panicked for a moment and he thought they were going to try and move me too, but they didn’t! Thank you Lord! Plus, they wouldn’t have had time.

I pushed once, and they began coaching me. I had just put my hands above my head, and the doctor told me that if I could put my hands behind my knees it would get me closer quicker. Like his head was back behind my cervix (something he told me about the night before at my appt when he checked me.) So if I could tilt my hips by putting my hands behind my knees it would help.

At first I said I couldn’t, and I really thought I couldn’t do it. Then I thought…OMG if it makes it where I don’t have to push as many times, I CAN DO IT! So somehow I moved my hands and began pulling on my knees.

The next push (#2) they were all getting excited and telling me I’m so close!

In the in between time of push 2 & 3 I asked….”but what does ‘close’ mean??” I was thinking…to me that means he’s about to come, but to you that could just be a nice way to say you’re doing great, but it’s a long time away. haha

I don’t remember even if they answered. What I do remember was PRAYING that God would let him come on the next push! It had been SOOOO hard, and I did not want to keep going through contractions/pushing like that for long! So I prayed and begged God to make it happen.

Push number 3 at 3:59PM, I pushed hard, and long, and he came!!!

Meguell said the doctor had to help pull his head out because of how my cervix was, but then he just came!

Ezekiel Cruz Suell, born at 3:59PM

After he came, I just kept my hands over my eyes, eyes clinched shut. Then I remember Meguell holding my hand and I just said…”Babe, that was so hard. That hurt so bad.”

He reassured me saying, “I know Babe, but now he’s here. You did great!”

At some point in the midst of this I remember us thinking…no one’s taking pics haha and a nurse grabbed a camera and got some. I’m so thankful for that!

At some point in the midst of this I remember us thinking…no one’s taking pics haha and a nurse grabbed a camera and got some. I’m so thankful for that!

I’m so thankful my husband quickly grabbed the camera to snap pictures. This was RIGHT after they gave him to me and put a diaper on. I was still wallowing in the pain that had just occurred….

I’m so thankful my husband quickly grabbed the camera to snap pictures. This was RIGHT after they gave him to me and put a diaper on. I was still wallowing in the pain that had just occurred….

Let’s be honest too, this was my first child to have mid-day.
And it was definitely probably the least stressful for my husband!
He barely had to do anything this time!
With both other babies he fell asleep shortly after, and after Baby #2, they even had to get him a wet rag because he felt a little weak.

I still can’t believe this sweet baby came within 1.5 hours of arriving at the hospital and only 3 pushes! OOOHHHH I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THAT THOUGH!

And once they put him on my chest it was just the sweetest.
Skin-to-skin is always my fave!

I spent well over an hour feeding and doing skin-to-skin. Then Meguell had an hour of skin-to-skin as well, in which sweet Ezekiel fell asleep, mouth wide open on him! It was the funniest and sweetest thing!

He was born at 7lbs 9oz, 21 inches long.

My mom arrived that evening and Meguell’s mom even later that evening to meet him.

We spent 2 nights in the hospital by choice. With it being baby #3, we wanted as much time to focus ONLY on this baby as possible, so we stayed an extra night by choice!

We are so blessed with this sweet boy!


(go to the end to see the video I made of our sweet day!)

Our sweet new addition!

Our sweet new addition!

A little video of the day we welcome our 2nd son into the world!