What's up with Big Sis??

It is so hard to believe life has made it halfway through July. Seriously, where did the time go? All of the milestones, if you will, we were working towards ... we have hit them. We made our move from California to Texas. We enjoyed six splendid months living in our home state and being near(er) to family than we had been in 9 years! It was simply amazing. I struggle mentally if I am excited to be leaving in Florida on the beach or saddened because once again, I can't just drop something in a moments notice and show up at my sisters or drive a little longer to be a moms.. It really is hard to comprehend sometimes. BUT on the flip side, I would not change this for anything. We have made it through the first part of the year where I completed the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon which was something huge impending during those six months and I birthed our baby girl. Four weeks after having our own princess we loaded up once again to travel to the other side of the country... After spending the holiday weekend at home, we finally arrived at our destination in Florida. We didn't have to wait long before we found the perfect rental for us. Ideally we would be buying again, but we own in California right now and it isn't financially feasible to have a down payment TODAY... we hope in 12 months we can!

So here we are... And I have been wanting to blog, but I don't know what to blog about. I want to write so bad to you guys about how perfect this little angel face of a baby girl is that we have... what an amazing big brother my boy is and how he has become the master of keeping me on my toes and exhausted at the end of the day. I wanted to write to you and tell you how when I watch my boys play in the ocean I am so thankful for my dear, sweet husband who is one of the best dads I have ever seen.... he teaches our kids like one would not believe and engages in their life like I never expected. I get such a surge of emotions when I watch him... I am SO thankful they have a dad that invests so much time in them... I pray so hard that the Lord will give us the honor of living long, healthy lives and be around with our children and they be here for a longer life than us.


I thought about writing about how after being 8 weeks postpartum and finally getting settled in a house in Florida (which our stuff should arrive tomorrow)... I am so eager to finally shed the rest of this weight. I am even MORE eager to get my passion for running back!!! I can't wait to just DESIRE to run and feel like if I don't get out and run that I won't be able to sleep! I love myself the most when I am an active runner... that is the Cassey time that I want! I don't need hair stylist, pedicures (though I love them), shopping trip, or even girl time if I am completely honest... I just need to feel that purpose and running makes me feel like I have a purpose. Running is when I am living the healthiest in my life and when I know I can raise my kids to live healthy lives! Oh... it is coming back, don't you worry. I am making myself get out and run... right now it isn't enjoyable as it once was, but I know that it WILL become that way! Because... it is truly an addiction.

My little boy went with my big boy to Harbor Freight for a few things. Isn't it odd how even when you have more than you need, each move brings more things you think you need to buy? Yea, that is what my bank account is yelling at me. :) For now I am sipping on my morning smoothie and watching my baby girl as she plays on her playmat cooing and talking. She is seriously so precious. I was so scared while being pregnant that I was going to not feel a connection with her.. I am so silly. Yesterday I was hanging the kids clothes in their closet (they are sharing a room so we can have a play room)... and I just, once again, became overwhelmed with emotions... I am so blessed. During a time that I was told I would have to have interventions to have a baby--- I became pregnant with my first born- my son. Three years later, with no interventions as well-- I became pregnant with his baby sister. Looking at their clothes I just took in awe that the Lord would bless me with TWO children.. A BOY AND A GIRL! I love it.



So here is to our new journey in Florida! I will have more things to start posting as our life gets back to normal. Right now we are still sitting on floors and sleeping on an air mattress, which is the only furniture we have in our empty house! :) But it doesn't matter. We are enjoying life together. For example, for dinner last night, we 'had a picnic' on the back porch! Life is good, God is good....

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