Best Vacation Ever!

So as most of our close bloggy friends know, I, Little Sis have been gone for the past week to Destin, Florida! You can read about my vacation preparations HERE!
My husband and I went on vacation with 6 of our best friends, a few of us were married, and a few single, and we had an absolute blast! We rented a beach house that was RIGHT ON THE BEACH and we just enjoyed relaxing, cooking together, going on walks, hanging out, swimming, tanning, and a few little excursions together! It was a blast! 
But enough of my words....let me allow my photos to do the talking!

Our Beach House

 Our Beach House was 3 stories tall, plus a bottom deck!

 Our Room

 The Dining and Living area, plus a balcony that overlooks the ocean

 The main balcony off of the living room! Such a nice view

 3 balconies and a bottom deck 

The fence leading from our beach house to the ocean

Our first night there we went out to eat and walked around the pier

Family Dinners together each night

The first night the hubs and I made tacos for everyone! 

The Sea Blaster---snorkeling & dolphin watching

The Girls photo shoot

A normal fun day together

*Walking to the store to buy boogie boards

 The hubs and me

A day in Seaside, Florida (the quaint little town that "The Truman Show" was filmed in)

Photos of our whole group

 Meguell & Me!

Best Vacation Ever!