Best Gift Ever

I am so ready to start running again with my kiddos. On Saturday we went and did the Color Run in Dallas. My two nieces, one nephew, one son, and half of a daughter in my belly did the race alongside my mom and sister. You can read it about it HERE. We had a blast. It took a while to get started but when it did  start- it started. Out of nowhere, mom and sister were gone with the two youngest and I was behind them with my oldest niece pushing my son in the stroller. If you have ever done a race, you know what it is like when you first start- everyone is running. So.. I ran. Let me just say I have not ran since the 1/2 in Disney on February 24th. I am 34 weeks and the pressure was intense. I could see my mom ahead of us and I was yelling for her. I didn't mind being behind everyone, I just didn't want my niece to miss out because I didn't want to run. It ended up working out because she isn't use to that-- so she needed to walk before me! :) But it hit me how ready I am to start running again.

As much as I wanted to be one of those that continued to run through pregnancy, it wasn't me. I did complete five races during the course of my pregnancy, three of which were half marathons..... but they were nothing to call home about. I have not kept up with running or working out while being pregnant but I am not beating myself up about it. I don't just sit at home on the couch all day either. My little three year old definitely keeps me on my toes. I really feel like as much as I HAVE done this pregnancy, I SHOULD be able to birth this baby without a C-section, lol. Let us see what happens.

So Friday night Lil Sis, my son, and me were driving to Dallas for the race. We were meeting up with our mom and the kids at a hotel. As we enjoyed the long drive we chatted. I randomly just said, "Oh, I bought that stroller I wanted..." Without ANY hesitation she said, "Oh my gosh, you HAVE to return it." I was like.. WHAT? Well let's back up. The ONLY thing I have wanted since finding out I was pregnant was a BOB Duallie Jogging Stroller. I have done the research, I have asked the questions of fellow runners, and I have watched others- everyone loves the BOB. I really wanted it. Never was I looking at it brand new for ME to buy- I was looking on craigslist. I could never find what I wanted...

A little while ago I decided it isn't something I NEED right now. I do have a jogger and I love it... and it works. My husbands schedule is now different where he is home during the day at some point, at least not working a Fire Fighters schedule anymore- so I can leave a kid with him. Plus I knew we would be moving in July, so I didn't think it really was a necessity. However, I did not want to get a different jogger, though I had looked around. This is the one I wanted- and I was totally okay with waiting... So I had decided for the sake of sanity in grocery stores, walks, etc. to get a Sit and Stand so my son could ride when he wanted. We had went to a consignment sale last week looking for one and when they didn't have it, we decided to go ahead and buy it. So I did!

Now for about a month I guess Sis has been talking to me randomly about the present she bought me. Ok... that is a lie-she talked to me once about it. She asked me something about what color I would prefer something to be? I was confused. I have a registry with a few items on it... but nothing that color mattered and I could not figure it out. I am not one to like surprises, so I kept messing with her to tell me. Let me tell you- when she informed me that her and her husband had decided to buy me a BOB for my baby gift I was SURPRISED!!! I can't believe it! I literally had tears form in my eyes. If you are a runner, especially a mommy runner, you know these are pricey. It just wasn't something I was willing to pay for at this time... and they did. I had NO clue... NONE! I was so shocked.


But boy was I excited. It meant so much to me that A. they took the time to discuss getting this for me B. They took the time to research the perfect one (which ended up being the one I had picked too) and C. that they had actually bought it. During that course of time, my friend from Florida had also contacted her to find out if anyone was giving me this stroller. I had no clue and I still don't even know what the timeline of this was. I talked to her a lot in FL about wanting a BOB but waiting because it just wasn't feasible right now... but that sweet friend got in touch with my sister... and she contributed to be part of it. So sweet. Of course my mom wanted to as well, but my sister would not let her (THANK GOD) because every time I turn around she has bought me one more thing for our baby girl :) I am so spoiled. It really is nice- and I actually consider it blessed.. not spoiled.

My baby love with his new friend, Bob

So we got home from Dallas yesterday and my brother in law put the wheels on the BOB and we learned how to fold it up. I realized after I got it home that I had not even pushed it at their house. HOLY COW the different in that stroller and my current jogger. It turns, drives, jogs, walks, .. everything with such ease and perfection. I am in stroller heaven and I can't wait to get out there and use it on our first family run together.

My little boy is SO stoked because he can't wait to ride with it next to 'sticker'.. That is his name for his sister! :)

Thank you LIL SIS and BRO in LAW for taking the time and caring for me so much to make my dream come true.. Thank you Friend for helping as well.

Though I would like to note that I feel that friend and sis have a hidden agenda here... to make sure I don't stop running! :)

Don't you worry people.. I am So ready to get back at it!

*sorry for the lack of pictures, I have misplaced my memory card*