My Best Friend is coming to see me...

My 30th Birthday is this month... like I have told you! ;) If you have followed us for sometime you know that Lil Sis was born 15 days after my birthday... just four years later!

My adorable, handsome, sweet, sexy, intelligent, giving husband is giving me an amazing gift this year!

He is flying my best friend to see me!!!

Yes, you heard that correctly, my best friend, my SEEEESTER will be here in ONE WEEK!


I am SO excited. We are going to spend those four and a half days being lazy and enjoying this life I live in Florida. We are going to spend our days at the beach and our nights doing projects I need her assistance with because.. well, she is the most awesome person I know! I just can't wait! I did NOT expect sister to come this soon after us getting here.... and possibly again in a few months... but I am SO thankful. Lots of changes have been going on in our lives lately so it is so great she can come...

You see, she met my son when he was 3 months old because he was born in Japan.. then she didn't see him again until he was 15 months old! On the flip side, she was there when my daughter was born three months ago and saw her several times in her first month and a half of life, so it is exciting she will see her again in the sweet baby stage... you know, before she begins gaining more independence.

2Oh my gosh! I am sooooo excited!

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Birthday to her!! I can't wait to spend those days together....

Love my Best Friend to the Moon and Back!