Bells are ringing...

Well...I get married in about 53 hours....It's so crazy that it is finally here. And although I am very excited to become Mrs. William Meguell Suell, and finally have My Day; some parts will be hard. Like when we are taking family pictures and my brother isn't there. It will not be right when the photographer asks for the brides immediate family to come up and it is only me and my sister....It's not right, there are supposed to be three of us.

I can just hear Shane telling me sex jokes or warning me about sex and trying to scare me. Or how he would tell Meguell something in a threatening yet loving way. (He can't help it I'm his little sister) But he would probably end up shaking his hand and telling him good luck; because hey we are getting married, he can't warn him not to have sex with me!! ha ha
I also looked forward to seeing my brother see me in my dress, because although Shane is a goof, he can be serious and I could almost imagine what he would say to me. There have been several times in my life when my brother has verbally told me how proud he was of me; and those are days that I cherish. I knew that my wedding day would be one of these, when he would tell me how proud he was of me and how beautiful I am, and I looked forward to that....But he won't be there to tell me.
And although it doesn't seem right deep down to be happy without him, I know that that is the only way he would have it. So, I am going to be happy and love on my future husband. But on my wedding day during this special time, I will think of my brother.