Be BOLD, Be YOU! #BelieveIAmEnough

Don't be afraid to Be BOLD, Be YOU! Be true to yourself, because you are enough!  



I am Me! 

I am Meguell's Wife.

I am Zander's Mommy.

I am a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a friend.

I am a daughter of the King. 

I am an athlete.

I am a runner. 

I am a yogi.

I am healthy.

I am strong.

I am confident.

I am bold. 

I am optimistic.

I am happy.

I am free.

I am adventurous.

I am brave.

I am daring.

I am charismatic.

I am caring.

I am kind.

I am intentional.

I am loving.

I am motivational.

I am persistant.

I am a joy bringer.

I am a peace maker.

I am delighted in.

I am an atmosphere changer.

I am a truth speaker.

I am a leader.

I am a teacher.

I am wise.

I am a worshipper.

I am.....



Share with me an I AM statement! What makes you ENOUGH?? 


Let's start to believe in ourselves! The way we see ourselves, is the way we are seen by others! Even if you don't fully believe it, begin to speak positive things over yourself! Convince yourself of who you are! Be positive, treat yourself good, love yourself, believe you are enough. Then, you will begin to change from the inside out. And even others will begin to treat you differently! 

I challenge you today....take a moment to write a few I AM statements down. Then look in the mirror and speak them out loud to yourself! AND BELIEVE! 


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I'm joining The Fit Switch & Jill Conyers today for the #BelieveIAmEnough Project for the Fit Dish Link up!