Banana Pancakes for Baby #MommyMonday


Easy, 2 ingredient Homemade Banana Pancakes for baby #MommyMonday @brittanysuell As I've mentioned before, I'm doing Baby Led Weaning (BLW) with my son. You can read about why I'm doing it, and nutritional benefits of Baby Led Weaning HERE. This type of feeding, and teaching my son to eat whole foods has been awesome for us. And now that we are rounding the last few months of his first year of life, and creeping up on the big 1st birthday, I have really had to get better at feeding him 3 meals a day. Before, I would mostly feed him dinner, and then maybe a breakfast or lunch, but never all three. (I'm still nursing too).

Anyways, along with this, I am feeding him all foods that I make myself, like this Homemade no-sugar added Applesauce. Staying away from grains, sugars, and processed foods.  It has been fun, and pretty normal, plus I feel like feeding him has been a huge part of what led me to my No-Sugar in 2015 Journey

So, I have mostly fed him raw and cooked fruits and vegetables, but I've decided to start making some recipes that are BLW friendly.  This is great so that he is trying more foods together, but it also helps to have things pre-made, especially breakfast foods, for when we have quick mornings. Plus, when traveling, these pre-made foods are amazing! This past weekend we took a trip to New Mexico for a day of skiing, and I took these yummy Banana Pancakes with us, and he had them each morning for breakfast, along with some other things from mommy's plate. 

Oh, did I mention that my son LOVES BANANAS! I mean the boy loves them. I mentioned this in my February "Leave Your Legacy" Podcast. I have actually had to limit his intake of bananas. He could seriously eat 3 a day, but they are full of sugars. Although natural, I still don't want him consuming that much fructose (sugar found in fruits). 

Here's a fun video I posted to my personal Facebook page last week showing the measures this 10 month old baby will go through to get more bananas! 

So, here's how to make these super simple Banana Pancakes for baby! 

Easy, 2 ingredient Homemade Banana Pancakes for baby #MommyMonday @brittanysuell

*I cooked the leftover egg whites and ate them myself. 

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Also, to make it more fun, you should definitely listen and sing-along to this Jack Johnson song while you make these! 

Of course these are yummy for everyone to eat as well, or to add some extra protein and a little more bread like consistency, you can try my Power Protein Pancakes recipe! I love making these for my husband and myself!