Baby Boy Nursery Tour

I am thrilled to finally be sharing my nursery tour with you guys.   I have been wanting to do this for a while but kept putting off taking the photos.

I spent so much time coming up with ideas for this room, and then finally was able to start putting those ideas together in January-February as we prepared for our little man to be here.  Now he is here, and it is everything that we dreamed for it to be.

Let me start by sharing my Pinterest Board inspiration with you. I posted all of my main ideas on my board, "Baby Boy Suell." My initial desire was for it to be a peaceful, and calm room, with lots of white and gray.  I wanted to keep the colors very calm as well.  I feel that I achieved this exact desire, although we did add many wood accents to the room.  I love that we did that though because it adds a wonderful sense of masculinity to the room, which is great for my little man, and I think my husband loves that about it.


The blanket seen on the chair above was actually one of my initial inspirational pieces.  I bought this early last summer and knew that this was the color I wanted to use in the nursery.  So I went with this color, what I call a light teal/mint, navy, and gray as the color scheme.

So let's get started!



This crib has a great story! I bought it Florida! Yes I live in Texas! But my sister found it in great shape for $50 in Florida, and when we drove to visit in January we strapped to the roof of the car to bring it back! I love it! We bought a new mattress, and we had a wonderful crib.

The bedding was all handmade.  I picked out the fabric, and had an elderly lady in my town make it.  She gave me a great deal and I got exactly what I wanted.  My favorite fabrics are the bed skirt, which shows a gray tree print.  And the feathered material that is used on the blanket, and on my changing pad cover.

Here is my sweet one sleeping in his crib.

Swaddled & Happy


This shelf we got from my grandmother-in-law.  When we got it, it started as a bold brownish-orange, and I took it and painted it navy, and painted the hardware silver.  Then my husband added the bar and it became an exposed closet of the cutest baby clothes.



IMG_5581This mirror I bought back in May.  Only a few days after I miscarried our first baby.  I knew I had miscarried, but I fell in love with this mirror and knew that I would use it in my baby room one day.  This was also the first wood piece that we used in the room and that set the tone for all the masculine pieces we chose.


I love each of the wooden pieces.  The arrows at the top are from my step-dad, and I love what they bring to the room.  Especially because the meaning of our son's name is "Defender of Men." So I love the warrior spirit that the arrows portray about him. & the wooden giraffes are from several summers ago when we went on a trip to Africa.



The changing table and side table are two other pieces that we refinished.


This chair is to die for! It is definitely the most expensive piece in the entire room, but considering we thrifted or got free everything else, we splurged on the chair! And it is definitely worth it.  If you are doing a nursery and debating on the chair, go for the big comfy one!

DSC_0030 DSC_0025


Finally the ceiling! I love the ceiling! And to be honest it wasn't as hard as it may seem.  We measured it, chalked lined it, taped it, and painted it! And I adore the finished product!

Little details I love:

My brother's jacket when he was a baby

I love having this jacket hung on the wall.  This jacket was my brother's when he was a baby, which naturally could be special to some people, but it is extra special to me since we lost my brother almost 4.5 years ago in a car accident.  I can't wait until tomorrow when we take newborn pictures to get my little man bundled in this jacket.


This knitted "Zander" sign is so special to me because my best friend's grandmother made it for my son.  This is such a neat talent that not a lot of people have these days, but Grandma Bilbery makes them for all of our kids, and I am so thankful for this and will cherish is forever.


This little corner is fun not only because it holds the jacket, but also because I made the other two items.  I loved that saying on Pinterest, so I used old scrap wood and my Silhouette Cameo to cut map scrapbook paper and modge-podge it to make this sign.  The other piece was going to be his mobile, but I decided just to hang it.  I took little scrap pieces of wood and taped/painted them! I love the way it all turned out.


And lastly, it may be weird, but I love it! On the left, I took a wooden wine box that I got from Sam's Club and painted the inside to match the minty-teal color of the room.  I decided it would be great as a semi-toy box! I love it!!

Anyways, so this is my sweet little man's nursery!

& one more picture of him!


Okay....maybe two!


 Isn't he just adorable!!

This mommy is in love!

little signautres