Babies grow WAY too fast... {Giveaway}

It is so hard to believe that my little crazy child is turning THREE this month. Where on earth did the time go? It feels like he was just a baby, but in the same breath... it seems that he has been in my life- FOREVER! He has been the best thing that has happened to us and has brought my husband and I so much closer than I ever imagined. Take a walk down memory lane with me if you will? My little bundle of joy was brought into this world in the late hours of night in March... After much trying to get him to cooperate so I could have that natural birth that I longed for, we made the difficult decision, to go for a C-Section. Today, I think we should have tried more and gone another 12 hours and just try... but the DR didn't think it would make a difference.. and I was so exhausted: physically, mentally, and emotionally-- I let my husband make the call. I cried and cried and cried. Once they took me into the OR I was a lost cause. I could not quit crying... and I am pretty sure I never did until they rolled me out. I lost it that night... I became someone I never knew was inside of me. My dreams of a natural birth were shot! And I was beyond sad. Words can't express how scared I was. I remember saying "Please don't let me die!" "I don't want this baby!" "I am never doing this again!" {Funny because right now I feel this precious little girl kicking me from the inside.} But when it was all over and done with, all I wanted was to hold him... My husband had gone to the nursery with him- which is what I wanted-- but I had to wait patiently back in my room, with my crew, for him to return back to me.



The first time I held him... I never expected it to be this way, and I only pray it is that way when my little girl is placed in my arms. Immediately, I felt complete. I felt like what I was designed for.. was here. All the sadness and feeling of not being able to do what I always dreamed of doing: Natural Birth.... it was GONE! I struggled still as the months went on not understanding it, but it honestly did not matter. He was my boy... and who cares how he came to me. He had so much of his Daddy in him... I loved it. Every cry, move, sound.. I was there. I wanted nothing more than to be the best mom ever. I can't believe that was almost three years ago.


That first year presented many "first times" for us... feeding him new food, rolling over, sitting up, going back to work, babysitter, smiles, kisses, words, first steps, daddy deploying, etc. That first year brought many struggles in my marriage as well. I know I can't be the only one that experienced that. It was, by far, the hardest time in our marriage. We had been married 7 years by the time he came into our little life... and it was such a change. I'll never forget.. and today I am so thankful that the Lord allowed us to go through these challenges .. because we are stronger now- and I try and relate to girls that are first having babies.. because I GET IT! Because of Daddy's service to our Armed Forces, he missed our little guys first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Birthday. We waited for Daddy to come home so celebrate his 1st Birthday.. and we did.. with two great sets of friends! I will forever be grateful for the friends that became my family while we were in Japan... because they were there for all of those firsts with us! I am even more grateful for those friends that have continued to be my family... and still know my boy like he is their own, besides the fact that they don't see him!

1st Birthday "Party"

Shortly after our boy turned one, we took a trip of a lifetime with our best friends to Thailand... I will forever cherish that trip. I only wish he would remember it as he gets bigger. Shortly after we made our move back to America--- to California. It was so exciting that our little boy was going to be a Cali Dude! :) {Though I had zero desire to go there..gotta make the best of it}... Our family were able to see him for the 2nd or 3rd time since he had been born! We enjoyed life over the next year- but it went SO fast. Thankful that daddy didn't deploy during our little one's 2nd year! We made great friends in Cali and joined a wonderful church. We bought our first, beautiful, home! We loved it. Life was hard adjusting for me back to America.. but by the time Noah was two, I felt connected with a few friends!

He's 2!!!

I couldn't believe my boy was two years old. I know all moms feel this way, right? Time had flown. In his short two years he had been around the world and back. Born in Japan, traveling to Texas at 3 months old and again at 9 months old, going back to Japan, traveling to Thailand through Korea at 13 months old, then at 15 months old traveling to Texas then California.. and also making another trip to Texas during that time. When March of 2012 arrived and I realized my boy was almost 2 and I had still NOT gained control of my body or life since he had been born- I had had ENOUGH! It was time to do something about it. It was during this time that my boy and I started running together... and for the next six months we would run multiple races together. He loved it, I loved it, we totally bonded over our running adventures. He got entered into his first race, life was good. When he was 2.5 years old we found out we were expecting another baby... this changed a lot in my brain. I honestly wasn't sure how I felt about it... and honestly I still worry about my boy having to share me.. not because of him, but because of me! I am pretty attached to him.. ask anyone. But I also can't wait to meet his little sister and see him in action as a big brother.

Just my main man... working hard on his woodwork!


There are so many memories in the last three years... and I am so thankful to have them! He has changed me more than anyone will ever know- I know you mommies have to feel the same!! I also know that during that 1st year of life how we document things by pictures so much!! I took pictures ALL the time.. actually I still do. I have been labeled by many as the Picture W*ore! Really?!?! I don't use that kind of language.. but I don't know how else to describe it! :)

However, when I had him and throughout his first year- I really wanted to be one of those parents that took that one single picture each month and watched the growth. I have seen some pretty amazing things... from teddy bears, frames, shirts, to these stickers I am about to share with you. I want to do it for our little girl- but then I feel guilty I didn't do it for our little boy! :) But man, I am sure I have more pictures of him than I will EVER have for our little girl!

Courtesy of Lucy Darling Shop


As we watch our babies grow and love every minute of it, why not have something cute to document it, right? I am so excited to share with you mommies {and daddies} out there about our giveaway today. Haily from Lucy Darling Shop has graciously offered to give one of you a very awesome GIFT! She describes it perfectly on her shop:

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Courtesy of Lucy Darling Shop


I can't lie.. I am a little jealous of those of you who can enter into this Giveaway! :) But what fun. She is going to give the winner the choice of a boy or girl set! So if you are expecting, enter.. if you know someone who is expecting, enter! I know like-- NO LIE-- 15 other girls that are pregnant right now! It is crazy. While you are at it, go check out her Etsy Shop too. Her prices are very reasonable in case you don't win the Giveaway! In order to enter this Giveaway you will have to follow her on Facebook and she would love for you to pin some of her products on Pinterest. So, let's get on with the Giveaway.

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