Awesome Bars Review and Giveaway

We are so excited to bring another giveaway to you. We were so lucky to receive our very own Awesome Bars to try out and tell you guys about. Bars are such a fast way to get in the protein that you need before a workout and when I found my bars in the mail, I was pumped. Bars and me, Big Sis, much like Shakes and me... don't really mix (unless there is Ice-Cream involved)... I am not a fan. This is a huge reason why I am not into Shakeology or ViSalus or even regular protein shakes. We were sent five different bars to taste and I was a fan of each of them. My husband even opened a couple before I knew it and I had to beg for one little bite. You would not be disappointed if you tried these!

So, I want to share with you why I think the Awesome Bars are just so Awesome:

  • Well, just like their website says: You can't fake awesome! There is nothing fake in their bars! 
  • All Natural, Hand Crafted Bars! 
  • The bars were created and are made by... 2 Sisters. Hello! Of course I love that! 
  • Just the right amount of chewy for me! 
  • Most have nuts and fruit- which is right up my alley. I hate bars that taste fake. Nothing in these bars taste fake- well, because they aren't!
  • The wrapper is biodegradable. Um.. yes, please! 
  • There is an assortment of different flavors to choose from.
  • The bars really did give me a spurt of energy before my runs and also filled me up. I don't like to eat before runs, but these bars were just enough- not too much at all. 
I personally kept them in the refrigerator because, well, I just did.. and I really did like them like that. If I ate one when I got back from a hot run, it was nice to pull it out cold and snack on it! I highly recommend you ordering some from the Awesome Sisters!!

From Little Sis:
 First off I agree with all of the above about the Awesome Bars! I love the organic part of the bars...the way they are all natural, so you know they are good for you, plus the biodegradable packaging is awesome! Plus these things tasted yummy....and it felt good to know that you were eating something healthy.  You can taste the different nutrients in the bar, while it it also totally yummy! Another thing I liked about them is that they really are filling.  Because of all the nutrients, they fill you up for a while! I would definitely suggest to many of my friends to try these bars out! 

Awesome Bars have a Website and a Facebook! They are super friendly and very quick to get in touch with you if you have questions and the shipping is super fast. We are so excited that they are going to let one of you lucky readers get some bars of your own!! Like all of our past giveaways, just go ahead and enter!! Yay for AWESOME businesses that bring you AWESOME new things to try! 

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