Are we there yet?

Do you remember being a kid and asking on a trip "Are we there yet?" Or maybe you have kids that are at the age where they enjoying those nagging words on trips, "Are we there yet?" 

I feel like that is me right now... continuously wondering am I there yet? When I realize I am not there... I get down, discouraged, but still try and smile. You see friends, it seems for the past two months as I have added more and more running to my schedule I am not losing any weight. My eating is good... not great, but good. It gets discouraging when you realize how hard you are pushing yourself but how little results are coming from it. In talking with this matter with my friend over at The Fit Mama Lifestyle last night on our run... the light bulb came on.


Common sense, right? I know I need to change it up... but I really enjoy running! :) My time is so limited. By the time dinner was cooked last night my boy and I had to leave to go run. When I got home he was asleep and I just wanted to relax.. so I got on the computer to read for about 20 minutes then I had to go clean up the kitchen from dinner. Oh mind you, this is dinner that the husband had to eat alone because I was so pressed for time... Then I showered and literally fell into bed. How do I have the time to add more?

However, as I continue to ask myself am I there yet and realize I am not.. I know I have to make changes. I am ready to add some weight lifting to my routine... but what do I do if I am not going to the gym. What can I do from home? How many of you have been very successful just from doing what you need to do at home? 

When I get down I have to remember how far I have come.. I still have a ways to go and honestly really just want to lose about 20 more pounds to be happy with me... but... I have to focus on what I have already accomplished... but still have my eyes facing forward to what I need to do.

The left was me in March.. the right was me in June... I haven't changed much since June. 

So my questions for you are:

1. As a working mom- how do you find time to get in all of the workouts you need to and still enjoy your family time at night? Family dinner is important to me... and seeing my husband more than 30 minutes the whole day is to.. Where do you find your balance? (Morning workouts is out of the question for me because of husbands' schedule)

2. What 'weight lifting' routines have you had success with at home? What have you used? 

Thank you SO much for the feedback!