Alternatives to Halloween Candy

So here's the deal....the time is upon us. The time in America where we have back-to-back-to-back holidays that are surrounded with candy, food, and desserts. 

So how the heck do you make it when you are living sugar free!?!??

Let's start by talking about the hard part. Honestly, to truly make it successfully through the holidays. For you, and your family (especially kids), you really have to reshape the American holiday. It's hard, it takes work, but YOUR HEALTH, and THE HEALTH OF YOUR CHILDREN ARE WORTH IT! 

Let's start with the most prevalent one that is a mere 11 days away. 


To truly make Halloween possible, it starts with you. What alternative to candy can you give to other kids. How can you make small changes that will gradually turn into big changes, and that may not only change your family's Halloween, but others too. 

I took some time in the Target Dollar Spot and found some fun ideas to use instead of candy: 

Now I know what you are thinking...."But Brittany, do you know how many pieces of candy I hand out at my door each year. There are hundreds of kids that come trick-or-treating at my house. I can't afford to buy these treats for all the kids." 

And here's what I say to that. Remember above how I said we have to "reshape the American holiday." This is where it gets hard. But truly, why do kids need hundreds of pieces of candy? Why do holidays have to look like they always have. Can't you change up the way you do it without ruining tradition.  

Here are some ideas on how to RESHAPE the holiday and do it different: 

  • Attend a local trunk-or-treat, or church event where your kid gets only a small amount of candy vs. the hundreds of pieces they get trick-or-treating
  • Challenge the people you do Halloween with to all change it up: church group, friends, neighborhood. Do some of these treats I suggested above or do fun games outside your house instead of candy
  • Volunteer to help plan the trunk-or-treat. Make it a point system where the kids get tickets at each game station and trade it in for fun (cheap) prizes vs. candy
  • Host your own Halloween party and make healthy yet, good food for everyone! Need ideas, grab your pre-sale order of my SIMPLY SUGAR FREE COOKBOOK
  • Don't feel like you need to take your kids to EVERY SINGLE Halloween event. Just take them to one and let them have a little candy
  • Finally, if you have no control over some of these things, don't fret. Just limit what you do, and make changes in your own home and what you are handing out, and pray that it will trickle down to other parents. Because most likely, you are not the only parents that dread ALL THE CANDY! 

What changes have you made to make holidays less sugary? I would love to hear them! 



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