Albion Fit Review + Giveaway

  @Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell

Have I mentioned to you guys that I love my job!? As of July 2014, I am a stay-at-home-mom, well I really like to call myself a work-at-home-mom.  Obviously I get the pleasure of being home with my son and enjoying everyday life with him, but along with that, I blog, I am the social media/marketing manager for a local shoe store, and I am a Yoga instructor.  All of these things have one great thing in common! I can wear Yoga pants every day of my life, and no one judges me!

When I was younger I wanted to be a coach when I grew up just so I could wear workout clothes everyday. Well, it turns out, you don't have to be a coach for that, you just have to be a mom! Yay, I win! When it comes to workout clothes though, I still like to look cute.  I love finding workout clothes that I can wear to workout in, whether I'm at my Stroller Strides Class, teaching Yoga, or out on a run, but also that I can throw on a STAPLE PIECE, and go out in public and still look nice.  For many, a staple piece is a cardigan. Lately, my staple piece has been my Target vest! I'm loving this vest, and it especially looks good with this Albion Fit Go Long Crew with thumb-holes.

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell

Seriously, I have been living in this long sleeve crew neck shirt lately. I love the look paired with my vest and classic leggings, but it's also been great to have for my training runs in 40 or 50 degree whether.

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell

I first found Albion because of their incredible Vintage Swimsuits! Seriously they are some of the cutest suits I have ever seen, and very original and fun styles.  I may have to talk my husband into getting me one of their swimsuits for our anniversary cruise this summer! (hint,hint)

Now when I first saw their products, I thought the price might be a little steep...I can't help it, I tend to be a cheapo. After reviewing the Go Long Crew, and getting to feel, and wear the product, I knew that it was high quality and worth the price.  Which seems fitting sense the Albion mission statement is this:

Albion’s mission is to provide WOMEN with the most luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free  FITNESS AND LEISURE apparel on the market.  They are family owned.  They believe in quality, fair practices, and green living.  And did I say quality?

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell

The material is incredible. The colors are vibrant.  The seams are tight, and the shirt feels secure on. The fabric is light weight, yet not see through. The shirt is long, which I LOVE! It's flattering to the body, from the chest, torso, down to the hips.  And the thumb-holes add even more to the shirt.  Obviously thumb-holes can be cute, but let me just say, during my cold Texas runs this week, I have appreciate the extra coverage over my hands.  The shirt is practical for working out, but also easy to transition into your normal day! Like I said....just add your STAPLE PIECE!

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell


Now for the awesome part! How would you like to own one of these Albion Go Long Crew shirts!? Because one lucky WINNER will get one, and you will get to pick the color, and they have a ton of great colors!

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell


Just head over to my INSTAGRAM for all the details on how to WIN!


After getting 2 entries from Instagram, and if you want a 3rd chance to WIN, you can PIN your favorite Albion product and tag @AlbionFit & @BrittanySuell and leave a comment on this post with the link to your PIN! (But remember, this is just an extra entry, you have to enter on Instagram first)

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