After Baby

I have been thinking a lot about after our little girl is born. It took me 2 years to the month my son was born to get back on track, start running, eating right, losing weight... being focused. Those of you that have had children- how have you managed to get right back on track after baby. Everyone says that nursing helped them lose weight. I nursed for 18 months, it didn't help me! :)


I am just curious what kinds of plans you followed after baby to make sure you were getting right back on track? I am ready to have our baby just so I can feel like I have more control over myself and my body. I have never had one to have a great body, but I am the one that has been able to find my happy place with myself and be comfortable... and I was there, until getting pregnant :) I just want to make sure that I am focused after she comes and get back at it.

It will be harder because I will be home.. a TRUE stay at home mom. Luckily we really don't have much junk food here... but I wonder if I will even have the energy to take the time for myself, go on stroller runs, take the kids to the park/gym... Where do you find that energy?

I keep thinking about having to adjust to an infants schedule (or lack there of) once little girl is here. How spoiled I have become with my toddler.. and in the same breath, how lazy I have become in the past six months of pregnancy. I have had these past eight months to bust my tail without an infant, and I didn't use it wisely. Time is going to be of an essence when I have her... because I want to get back into it. How can I be a Naturally Fit Sister if I remain complacent, overweight, and un-mobile!? I can't!! So though you guys do not realize it, you hold ME accountable.


That is my question for readers today... once you have multiple children- how do you find the time for yourself to make sure you are working out? I don't want to take them to a daycare at the gym, I want them involved...