ActivMotion Bar Review + My Top 5 Indoor Workouts

HAPPY FRIDAY Everyone! Now I know, in some parts of the U.S., it has been incredibly cold, but let me just say that in my part of Texas this week, the weather has been incredible! It has been anywhere from the 50's, to close to 80degrees out! It has definitely felt like Spring and I have loved it! This week we I had several great runs in the amazing weather, got to do my Stroller Strides workouts outside, plus I even took blankets to the park and relaxed with friends and our babies! Can you say HELLO SPRING....just kidding. Texas weather is crazy, so next week there could be ice on the ground, and I won't be as lucky to get all these great workouts done outside. So, what do you do when you are snowed in, or just aren't very keen on working out in the cold??  Today I'm sharing my TOP 5 Indoor Workouts with you, and I'll be linking up with the Friday Five linkup party! Go check it out for more awesome workout inspiration. 

Let me just start by saying that you will NOT find running on a treadmill in my top 5! I recently did that and realized I dislike it a LOT, but that's always an option if you have access. 


5) My No Excuses Workout! 

-This workout is great indoors or outdoors, and covers various muscle groups!

The #NoExcuses Workout by 

4) My Easy Resistance Band Workout!

-Another great workout that can be done inside! It focuses on upper body strength, with a few lower body options as well! 

Resistance Bands Workout by

3) Pinterest Inspired Workouts

-Inside and looking for something different, Pinterest has a huge variety of workouts to choose from! I'm sharing my "Workouts" Pinterest Board with you to get some ideas! I would love for you to FOLLOW ME!

Workouts Pinterest Board from @brittanysuell 

2) Yoga

-Come on, you knew it was coming, I'm a Yoga instructor for goodness sake! You can try my Morning Yoga Flow from Youtube! Yoga is an awesome way to work your core, flexibility, and strength! 

Morning Yoga Flow with @brittanysuell

1) ActivMotion Bar + Yoga Warrior Workout! 

Here's where it gets fun! I am so excited to share this great product and workout with you! I recently received my own 10lb ActivMotion Bar through Sweat Pink, and was able to try out some of the awesome workouts that they offer! Which are seriously great! Such great core workouts, but I decided to mix my favorite indoor workout....Yoga, with the ActivMotion Bar and see what I could come up with. Let me just tell you, this workout is no joke! Think holding Yoga Warrior Poses on their own are hard...try doing it with the added core focus of the ActivMotion Bar, and you get a butt-kicking core and strength workout! 

ActivMotion Bar + Yoga Warrior Series Workout by

Okay, so what makes the ActivMotion Bar so special!?!? 

ActiveMotion Bar is a workout bar filled with rolling steal weights. That means that from the moment you pick up the bar, they are moving, and forcing you to find balance with the bar.  While working out with the bar, as they move from side-to-side, it creates a resistance for you, and causes you to find balance by using your core strength.  So throughout the Yoga workout I created, you are not only using strength for the various curls and rows that I have incorporated, but throughout the entire sequence, your core is majorly activated to hold the ActivMotion Bar in place, and move with it while holding your balance! 

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Here's a video of my Yoga sequence, and what I thought about the workout! 

So, whether you are snowed in, not wanting to get cold by going outside, or maybe you are just looking for something different, try one of these great indoor workouts, and let me know what you think!