A Note from My Best Friend...

Hi everyone....today is officially my first day to be sharing about myself on the blog! This is Brittany, Little Sis of the Natural-Nester Sisters'! I am so so excited about this blog! I have loved how it has formed and even taken off.  Yesterday was so fun to read what Cassey shared, ( I feel that tension all the time of family-time vs. workout-time), anyways, it was so fun to see all the responses that she got.  There were so many encouraging words, and ideas from all of you on how to help figure it out for her.  It is probably because we all struggle with trying to find the time for both of these important things.  Anyways though, just want to say how excited I am about the blog and what it has done for both Cassey and me.  

Here's a little bit of my story: 

You see, in the past few week's, my life has drastically changed, and I LOVE IT! 
Let me start from the beginning.....in high school haha
When I was a senior in high school I had a friend that in general would be considered a runner.  I on the other hand was not! Although I was an athlete and enjoyed working out, I never ran long distance, ever.  I ran the occasional mile around the track when I had to, or up and down the court for workouts, but never did I just go for a run, I couldn't even run over a mile, and I had no desire to.  
Anyways, my senior year I started running with her some. I did not have much belief in myself ever being able to run too far, but we would run through her neighborhood, or around our school track. But there was one night I remember was the night that I finally ran 2 miles! I mean I was pretty proud, but it was not something I wanted to do ALL the time hahaha.  I was happy I had done it, and kind of sick, considering I had JUST eaten Mexican Food with my family...which for the record is not a good combination. 

Anyways, as life went on I didn't all of a sudden become a runner or even have a desire to.  I remember when I was in college hearing about my sister running a half-marathon, and man I was so proud of her! Still though, literally NOTHING inside of me had a desire to ever do that.  It wasn't on or even near my bucket list.  

I started running more around a University here that has a nice trail, and I would be able to do 2 miles sometimes, but still dreaded it.  Gradually I got up, and did my first 5K, and enjoyed it.  I also got to go watch my friend run her first half marathon, and that was the first time I EVER even though I would want to try to run one, but still I didn't think I could ever.  

Then this summer I started running more, mostly just 2 miles, or 3 sometimes.  I even stopped running long and would just work on my 1 mile distance.  Then a few weeks ago after running about 3 miles at the gym I remember thinking how much fun it would be to "be a runner." I mean I read Runner's Magazine, and enjoy it, but it's hard because a lot of those things don't apply to me.  That night though, this was what I tweeted:

Then somehow this tweet began to come to life...literally.  You see that was July 17, 2012, and as you know, today is August 2, 2012.  In the past 2 and a half weeks, I have transformed into something new.  This is the big life change that I was talking about in the beginning, and really it feels like a life change and I love it.  

It started when my sister really began getting back into running and signed up for a half-marathon.  I had been running 3 miles and felt like challenging myself.  So I asked her to put her running schedule online for me to see so that I could try to run longer distances.  In the back of my head I was really challenging myself to see how far I could run, then maybe I would mention that I would want to do a half with her....not until I tried out how far I could run though.  I didn't want to set myself up for failure, therefore I never talked about it.  

Gradually I got up to 3 and 4 miles, then on Sunday I hit the big 5 mile marker! That was the first time in my life that I have seen that mileage come from this body! haha Funny story though, when I left the house to go to the gym that night I looked in the mirror and said out loud, "I want to see five miles come out of this body!" And I did! I was so proud! And so was my sister, considering that that night she got so excited that she changed her flight to stay in Texas longer and signed us up for an October half-marathon together! That's right...I'm running a half-marathon! It is insane and REALLY scary! Mostly scary because I was afraid to commit because I didn't know if I could do it and I didn't want to fail.  I am so excited to get to do it with her though! It is going to be a great experience to have with my Big Sister! 

Anyways though, that is my journey in running as of now.  Moral to this story is that YOU CAN! Just try little by little....I mean that was a 6 year process from the first time I ran 2 miles until now! So just go slow and gradually push yourself.  2nd Moral to my story is have someone encouraging that can push you.  I mean my sister lives out of state, and still even seeing her passion for running and talking about it, and her sharing her running plan and encouraging me helped so much! A workout partner really can make a difference! 

One last note I will leave you with....I ran 6 miles last night! I was so excited! My life is literally changing...and now I feel like I can officially call myself a "RUNNER" and that makes me so happy!