A Little Goes A Long Way

All and Nothing...? When you read that are you like..."what?" My friend Kori recently started a blog, and it is good! 

Last week she got REAL, and shared some vulnerable places in her life. Read her blog post, all AND nothing to hear her story of struggle. 

Something that has stuck with me since reading this post from her, and something I have used to encourage numerous women that I am working with over this past week is this.... 

So many times we start something thinking we have to PUT OUR ALL INTO IT! 

You get a gym membership and you go consistently for 2 days, then your kid gets sick and you don't make it for 3 days, or you work late and head out of town for the weekend. 

WHY is it so hard for us to start back up. We feel like we FAILED just because we didn't make it EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

Well I've realized my friends, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! 

I would dare to say that 90% of the women that I work with get sick, or have children who get sick in their first 3 weeks of creating new, healthy habits! Making it so hard to stick to their plans and goals!
THIS IS NOT COINCIDENCE! Satan knows that when we are unhealthy, we aren't worth as much!
An unhealthy person lacks energy, joy, drive, confidence, and the physical ability to do things! An unhealthy person is more likely to fall prey to the lies that Satan is feeding us!
So, when you try and make healthy changes, HE WILL COME AT YOU to stop you. Do not be discouraged friends! Keep paddling upstream, and IT WILL GET EASIER!

PLUS, the benefits of a healthier you include: JOYfulness, CONFIDENCE, FAITH, GOAL SETTING, BELIEVING IN YOURSELF, having a STRONG MIND, and being ABLE to physically and mentally do things you couldn't before.

So don't think you have to go ALL IN, or NOT AT ALL! It's not one or the other! 

You just do what you can. If something comes up, don't give up. Take care of yourself, and jump right back in, because you are worth that! 

When a busy woman joins my boot camp and sees that there are workouts 5 days a week, I always try to take the pressure off by telling her...just start with 2 or 3 days. WHAT CAN YOU DO? WHAT WILL WORK WITH YOUR SCHEDULE? 


Knowing that you just have to keep going. After the busy season, after the crazy weekend, after the closet binge eating, after the sulking, emotional, lonely eating rant that you have, after you EAT ALL THE PIZZA, you just have to pick back up, and START AGAIN! 


So if you are tired of saying...I can't give it my all, so I'm not going to do it at all, then I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! 

I am filling up my boot camp for May, and it is at an amazing price this month (until April 30th at 11:59PM)! Get in with a year long membership! That's right, a one time payment and you get nutrition, meal planning and grocery lists, workouts, accountability, and direct contact with me! 

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY, so let's do it together! 

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