5K and 7K in less than 24 hours!

Three weeks ago I attended the San Francisco Color Run... you can read about it HERE on Natural-Nesters, the blog I share with my sister.. (Have you checked it out.. you totally should).
Yesterday I had the awesome chance to do the Sacramento Color Run! I did the San Francisco Color Run because I was suppose to work yesterday... and then I ended up with the day off.. and a 1/2 off ticket fell into my lap. My boy had SO much fun at the first one, I had to take up that offer!!! However, I didn't put two and two together and didn't realize I had already signed up for a 10K that night! Eeek.. Oh well, it was awesome nonetheless! 
So I just wanted to share some pictures with you from our Color Run this round.. It was too much fun! 
I love this shot because it is me in action. The girls I went with had their husbands' taking pictures You can find me by locating the stroller! :) 

This picture is before it started and simply amazing. I love all of the runners in front of the California Sate Capitol. How beautiful is that?

Again, in action- AFTER some color! Once again, you can find me by locating the stroller and that cutie patootie! 

After the race.. This is my boy saying CHEESE! Oh, how I love him! 

This guy- he loves the color!! :) Precious, just precious. 

I love, love, love this picture of us. I feel fit, I feel athletic, I feel happy. However, when I see this picture I am in such awe, because this is not how I see me. YES, I have a lot of work left to do and I am not finished yet.. but this picture shows how far I have come... and makes me feel like a true runner. I love having my boy on my hip, because I would not have it any.other.way. I love running with him. 

My precious baby. He is my hero! He loves to run... loves to play... and loves to love! I LOVE HIM!
So in comparison.. I am SO glad I went to San Francisco for their Color Run too! Sacramento was awesome, yes.... but San Fran was CRAZY! There were SO many people there, people were soooo excited to be there (perhaps they were drunk)... and it was JUST a blast. The Sacramento one was more fun because I was with a group of people... and that made it awesome. But the San Fran is one that I am so thankful to have experience... it for sure makes me want to make more trips to San Fran to experience their races!! They are so energetic and so much fun! I love it! 
So that is what I did yesterday morning... Come yesterday evening I was to attend a Moonlight 10K. I was really excited about it. Before the race the kids got to race. It was awesome. That was the best part of my day, watching my 2 year old do the 1/2 mile. When he got to the turn around cone, he did NOT want to turn around. He got so upset... he kept saying 'no, that way, no that way!" he did not want to go back... in the end, he was a happy, tired little boy.
My 10K turned into a 7K. Maybe I am crazy but I expected it to be more lit up... But we went under the bridges in the river bottoms, where some people live... and I was scared out of my mind. When we were to go under another bridge and I could not see a soul or lights.. I chose to turn around. It was too scary for me. There are too many random people that live in the woods to make me comfortable and my cell phone had died! So my boy and I headed back. I was upset with myself at first for not completing the full 10K.. but today I woke up renewed, happy, and PROUD of who I have become!!! 
This is before our Moonlight Run.. AGAIN, I LOVE this picture of me... I feel awesome. I feel beautiful. This is not talking myself up.. because I don't really feel that way.. but in this picture when I see it.. I see a beautiful, happy, fit, GIRL! I love it! 

My boy became a TIGER "RAWR" for the night.. he was so proud of his face painting! 

After his 1/2 mile race.. getting ready for our 10K. It was so dark.. I didn't get any pictures of him running, but did get video! LOVE IT! 
I have a blog brewing about that 10K/gone7K.. so be on the look out.