5 Ways to Go into the Holidays Ready to Make Healthy Choices #DishtheFit



The holidays are right around the corner.....next week actually.  So let's not delay, lets discuss how we can be prepared, and not let all the yummy food on Thanksgiving take advantage of us and put us in a sugar coma and down the wrong path right into the New Year.

So here are 5 Ways to Go Into the Holidays Ready to Make Healthy Choices

1) Let's start with how you look.  Whether it's a large company party, or just your family having a meal, dress nice, and where your skinny jeans or your tight fitting dress.  Doing this will make you very aware of your body, which will obviously also make you more aware of what you are putting in your body.  So "BACK AWAY FROM THE SWEATPANTS!" Don't even bring the sweats out during the holiday season.  Wearing your skinny jeans to the big meals will insure that you are still able to fit in those skinny jeans by the end of the holiday season!

2) Be picky with who you are hanging around.  If you stick with the people who chat by the dessert table while constantly nibbling at food, then you will naturally be drawn to nibble as well.  Find the group of people at the company party that you know are more health-driven, and become one of those kinds! It really is true that you become like the people you hang around, even when it's at a party or with family.

If your family is all about the fixings when it comes to holidays, and there is never a celebration without food, then find something to get your family active together as well.  Check out last week's post about Starting a New Tradition and Getting active with your family over the holidays! (Plus there's an awesome holiday family GIVEAWAY too!

3) No matter what your plans are for the holidays, whether you are cooking at home, going out to eat, or traveling to be with friends, make a plan.  Take some time, maybe while driving or in the shower to imagine your holiday celebrations, and set rules/guidelines for yourself to follow.  That may be NO DESSERTS at all, or limiting yourself to one dessert.  OR it might be banning the bread during the main course! (That's a great one for me.  I love those Thanksgiving rolls a little too much) Either way, set some guidelines, and STICK TO THEM!

4) Most holidays, you aren't the one cooking all the dishes, but usually you bring at least one dish to the meal.  So whatever you are cooking, why not find ways to make them healthier.  That way, even if the sweet potatoes are covered in brown sugar and marshmallows, at least you have the dish you brought as a healthy option.

And if you are cooking at your home for your family, then make this holiday even better and find ways to make all your dishes healthy! For baking, take a look at my post on How to Make Cookies Healthy.  The substitutes I give for baking ingredients can be used mostly across the board when baking, not just for cookies.

5) Lastly, make the holidays more about others than about yourself. Instead of going through the cycle of eating, relaxing, eating, relaxing, shopping and more eating during the holidays.  Find some good to do.  Do something to give back to your community or someone in need.  This may be serving Thanksgiving dinner's or helping out at a local charity.  Whatever it is, giving your time, and sharing joy with others will not only take your mind off of overindulging, but it will bring hope and joy to someone in need! 

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Stay tuned for more TIPS for being healthy over the holiday season in the coming weeks!




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