Why drinks are the hardest when giving up sugar

So here's the deal...people love their drinks! 

Whether it's a latte in the morning, Diet Coke after lunch, or sweet tea at dinner. When it comes to giving up sugar, people struggle the most with letting go of their favorite sugary drinks. 

The truth is though, this can be a dangerous thing to hang on to, and can actually contribute to a lot of the sugar we intake on a daily basis. Have you ever wondered why you can drink a Rte. 44 Sonic Drink without getting full. Or at restaurants, you can usually drink 2-5 coke's in one setting without it affecting how full you get. This is because the sugar in soda's doesn't trigger or register with your brain that you are full. So you are drinking all of these calories, without feeling full. This is a dangerous place to be. 

Now...if you are thinking..."Well I drink DIET SODAS." Well think again. The artificial sweeteners that are used in diet sodas trick your taste buds into craving sweet things instead of feeling satisfied with the natural sweetness of something like blueberries. 

A study at the University of Texas made some shocking discoveries. Researchers found people who drink just one diet soda were 65% more likely to be overweight, that two or more diet sodas raised your odds of becoming obese, and – are you ready for this – people who drank diet soda had a greater chance of becoming overweight than regular soda drinkers. -JJ Virgin

So as I aim to get my husband closer to being fully sugar free, I have found a lot of ways to get flavor, and even some ways to get the fizzle of the carbonation in drinks for him.

Here are some of my favorite Sugar Free Drinks:

1) Fruit Infused Water--or my favorite lately is just lemon water!

2) La Croix--these waters come in all different flavors, plus you get the fizz, and you can drink from a can. (if that's important to you)

3) Unsweetened flavored teas--our favorite is passion tea. We make a large pitcher, put it in the fridge, and add lemon to it. 

4) La Croix + Silver Fern Brand Wai Drink Mixes--I mix a plain La Croix sparkling water with the Wai drink mix of my choice, and it has plenty of flavor and sweetness. (they are sweetened with monk fruit and stevia)

5) Silver Fern Brand Wai Drink Mixes--these things are so easy to have on the go, and they come in lots of flavors! My husband loves them, and is able to take them on the go to work with him. Or we take them when we travel. Not to mention they are pre- and pro-biotics, so they are super healthy for you and support your body in so many ways !

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Disclaimer: I received the Red Fern Brand products through my partnership with Team Inspire. I was not paid, and all opinions are my own.