4th of July Goodies

This may have been from 4th of July 2012, but it is still one of my favorites! And one that I did the most fun projects for, so I had to share it again this year! Maybe you will be able to some of these fun 4th of July projects! I am hoping to make another 4th of July shirt this year, but different! I will share it when I do!
4th of July 2012 
We had such a wonderful night! 
Well of course it was a wonderful day too, since I was off work all day! I was so productive! I'm telling you, one day I will make such a successful stay at home mom! :-) 
Let me give you a little recap of our 4th of July day in photos! 
First, I baked a RED, WHITE & BLUE CAKE! 
Here's my cake all finished!! 
Then I painted my nails to be Patriotic! 
I also made a 4th of July flag shirt! 
I took one of my husbands old undershirts & cut it into a tank top that I liked. 
Then I used painters tape and taped lines down it and then did the top to make it a flag.  
I didn't have any start stencils so I did it an easy way and made one big star out of tape. 
I got rollers and rolled paint on it lightly.  
Here's me and my awesome shirt!! 
(I know this pic is all shadowy but I thought it looked cool :-)
 I loved my tank! 

We had some people come over and had a 4th of July Celebration Party! 
Here's my Red, White & Blue Cake cut! 

 We grilled out and had tons of food! 
We also had a margarita bar---stocked with lime and salt! 
 My friend even made patriotic jello! 
To top the night off we went out and sat on our cars to watch the fireworks while singing Katy Perry's "Firework" song at the top of our lungs! 
And of course we had to take a 90's Band Album Cover pic! haha
I love my friends! 
This was by far one of the best Summer nights of 2012!! 
Definitely a night to remember!