4th of July Kid's Shirt Project!!

Last week we met up with friends to make 4th of July shirts. My friend had picked out 2 different ones she found on Pinterest and we ended up going with THIS one that I am going to show you. I loved it because we used the kid's handprints… how stinking adorable! I made one a few years ago, and blogged about it somewhere, and I was soooo nuts-o I didn't even think to use the painters tape, I did it by hand… That explains why it got trashed! haha! So this is what we did..

1. I used the tape and just made stripes on my kids shirts to make it easier to paint straight lines!

-Who knew that having a 4 year old would be so amazing when it comes to projects, haha. Granted, we do them often.. but this was so great because he wanted to do it! I was so super proud of Noah! He is just like his Daddy… such a hard worker!


2. OOOPS first step was actually putting their handprints. We thought doing that would be best.. so they could try and then we wouldn't worry about getting red paint on them as we did the hands. I was so proud of my 1 year old too because she as a champ at putting her hand print! We had a total of 7 kids there to do this and the kids LOVED doing it themselves. It was perfect! And look how adorable they are!


You can see Noah doing his handprint too! Notice his left hand.. had we done the stripes first.. it might have been trouble with red paint! :D


My pictures are out of order and for sake of getting this blog posted, I am going to post them out of order! I hate technical stuff, so unless Little Sis stumbles upon this and fixes it.. you have them out of order.. but you get the drift!


The finished product.. it is so adorable. I love how the red has some shirt coming through.. I love that my kids had a part in this.. I love that all I paid for was $2 per shirt.. (Thanks to my friend who bought the other supplies)…. These are shirts I will be putting into their baby boxes, because they are SO precious!


Here's the final shirts, although my kids weren't up for a photo shoot on this morning!