The year has been good so far!

I got to spend the Christmas break with my family and see Noah and Cassey for a while before they went back to Japan! Noah is almost a year old now...which is crazy! And he has already been walking around forseveral months!! And they recently found out that they are moving to California! Which makes me so sad! I really wanted them to move to Abilene! But I am trusting the Lord! I know he has a perfect plan and I'm just trying not to get too caught up in the little picture but trust his big picture! But I do miss them and want them in my life more on a daily basis! So I will continue to pray for that, the Lord knows the desires of my heart!
Over Christmas we also took some fun family pictures! It was something that was way over due! But I'm glad we finally did it, just wish Shane was in them! Family pictures is something my family did not grow up doing. We weren't the family who wore matching clothes for Thanksgiving or Christmas to take family portraits, we didn't send Holiday cards out with our photos on it. So if your family does do that, stop complaining put on your Sunday Best and have a good time while you get photographed with your family! And then cherish those memories that you have to look at, because one day if you lose someone you love you will be so thankful to have those photos of them! This is especially true with my family, I cherish every photo I find of my brother. He was not a huge picture taker, so when people post new photos of him on facebook I get so happy to see a new one I have never seen! So cherish the ones the you do have, especially ones with all of your family in them!
Then after coming back to Abilene Meguell and I got some good restful time before school started back up. We got to hang out a lot with our friends and spend time together. Then the first night of school our house got broken into! That really sucked! They ripped our TV off our wall and took my itouch! We were very blessed though that they didn't take more than that! And although we haven't gotten a TV yet, we did get new doors put on our front and back that are more sturdy. We are stillwaiting for the hole in the wall to get fixed though! :-(
Then came the Abilene Ice Age!! We got four days off of school and work! It started with light rain which turned it to several inches of ice and lot's of snow on top of that! It was more snow than I have ever seen in Abilene, or in Texas! And it didn't just melt off the next day, no it stayed below 20 degrees and stayed frozen, so we didn't go to school at all! Or anywhere for a while, I didn't drive my car all week! But we did spend lot's of time with friends, walking to each others houses, making soup, knitting, and just hanging out with games and movies! It was such a nice and relaxful time! And it finally felt like winter for a while! I loved it!