3 Reasons that BUST the SHAME that comes with Healthy New Year's Resolutions!


So here's the deal. When January 1 happens, there's many a sarcastic comments about people deciding to get fit, go on a diet, start a gym, etc. 

If that is you this year, there's NO NEED to feel shame about making a New Year's Resolution to get healthy. Over the years, it seems that due to people trying and failing over and over again, we belittle the idea of a New Year's Resolution and instead of encouraging people to get healthy, we make them feel bad about choosing to do it in the new year.

Well I'm here to give you 3 REASONS that BUST the SHAME that comes with Healthy New Year's Resolutions! 

Plus if you are local, I've got the PERFECT way for you to kick start 2017! 

1) It's a New Year! Our bodies, our minds, our emotions know it! It's the perfect time to start over. To put the past behind us, wipe the slate clean, and try again. So LET'S TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! When we know we are getting a fresh start, there's an intrinsic motivation in us that makes us want to push harder, and succeed. We reflect on our failures and our "almosts" from the year prior, and we go in with extra gumption to DO BETTER this time. So when we have this naturally inside of us come January 1st, WHY WASTE IT! Use that motivation to make the changes you want to make to your life! 

2) It's true....SUMMER BODIES ARE MADE IN THE WINTER! So we gotta get started at getting fit! Let your summer vacation plans be your motivation NOW! Don't wait until April or May to get started, by then it will be too late!

And what better of a way to start the year off, and start working on that summer bod than with a NEW YEAR'S 5K! Most places have one going on, and if you are local, join me at the YMCA RESOLUTION RUN! I am excited to get the new year started with a run, plus make tons more goals for myself as far as working out and eating healthy starting in January so I can be ready to hit the beach in the summer! Whose with me? Get signed up HERE, invite a friend, and let me know you are coming! 

3) Seasoning Depression is REAL, so join a group of other people with fitness goals to help fight it off! Whether it's full blown seasoning depression, or you just struggle with wanting to be lazy when it's cold and cloudy out, sweating can get you out of your rut! When we sweat, we release feel-good brain chemicals, known as endorphin's, that help ease the feelings of depression! and I don't know about you, but after I workout I'm motivated to have a productive day, and eat well! 

The best way to get this done and stick with it, is to be part of a group! So what better way, than to join my BOOT CAMP for 2017! In my Beyond the Body Boot Camp, which starts January 16th, you will get 4 weeks of amazing workouts that are about 30 minutes long and help to kickstart our body into fat burning mode. You will also have access to an online community of others with similar goals to help spur you on and keep you accountable! It's a WIN-WIN! Plus, if you sign up before January 1st and use code NEWYEAR, you get $20 OFF REGISTRATION!! Sign up TODAY! 

Here's to one HAPPY & HEALTHY New Year!