29th Birthday Celebration!

That's right people, you are looking at a happy, healthy 29 year old Momma to 2 sweet babies! 

I honestly can't believe I've already hit my 29th year of life. Seems like just yesterday I was a young 22 year old, getting married, and my oldest sibling was 29. Now here I am, 7 years in, and just had my 2nd baby this summer. 

I will say, somewhere in those years, something clicked. There is a part of me that has been awakened. A part of me that has been lit on fire inside for the things that I'm passionate about. And that part cannot be stopped....why you ask? 

Because I know that I AM MADE FOR MORE! 

I know that I am made to impact the lives of other women! To set their souls on fire, and to see all that they are capable of! And for me, that falls in the area of health & fitness, and I absolutely LOVE IT! 

That is why I chose my 29th birthday to launch the pre-order of my Simply Sugar Free Cookbook! This is so significant to me because more than just a cookbook, the sugar free life for me began a journey! It was motivated by my sweet children and my desire to create the healthiest life possible for them, and has led me to a path of helping women, and impacting the lives of so many! This journey has been incredible, and I know that through publishing this book, I will be able to continue to impact the lives of so many families! 

Along with this cookbook, and impacting the health of women, as they pursue the healthy and fit life that they desire, I want something to SPARK INSIDE OF THEM AS WELL. Like I described above, I want something inside of them to awaken to something bigger than themselves. I want to help women live their best, happiest lives, and realize that they were made for BIG THINGS! 

That is exactly why this shirt means so much to me! I want women to wear this shirt with pride and confidence, and to always remember! 


So to celebrate my 29th BIRTHDAY, I'm giving the first 29 people who order my cookbook + shirt bundle, a FREE GIFT! (Plus you save $13.50 when you get the BUNDLE in October!)

So go snag yours today!