Thanksgiving Post

Well it's still considered Fall....and Thanksgiving is coming soon. So I wanted to share the few Thanksgiving-Fall crafts I have done in my home before I move right on in with all my wonderful Christmas decorations!

First, I made this wreath from this Pinterest post. (Once again this picture is taken with my phone and you can't see all the details well)

For this wreath, I just got a cheap wreath form from the Dollar tree and the small spools of tulle from Hobby Lobby and picked up a small branch of Fall colored berries. It was a little time consuming but I KNEW I really wanted to make this, so I kept at it. I sat down to do it probably 4 times before I finished it because you have to cut all the strands of tulle and tie each of them.
I also added some golden/glittery tulle strips throughout! (once again sorry you can't see it) and the leaves are hard covered in glitter leaves I had last year that I thought would go perfectly!

I also bought a SMALL strip of orange burlap when I was at Hobby Lobby once. There was barely any left so I grabbed the rest on the roll for only $0.99. And this is what I decided to do with it really quickly and easy!

It looked very cute by my little pumpkin.

And now this is my Thanksgiving mantel. I made the banner the other day with some scrap pieces of felt, and it ended up kind of cute. A little childish but I think I like it. I also made the leaf frame. You can't tell in this photo but it has a book page behind it so it's really neat.