My sweet puppy!

I love my sweet Bella-Jane! She has been the best dog ever. She was so easy to train, and she has such a good personality.
She is fun and playful, but can also relax and cuddle with you.
She knows so many tricks and is just all around smart.
I remember when Meguell and I first got her. We weren't planning on getting a puppy at the time, but when his mom called and told us they had Dalmatians for good prices, and we started talking about it, there was NO turning back for me. Then when we actually saw them, O no, I had to go home with that sweet puppy then.

This year it will be 4 Christmas's ago since we bought her. She is now 3 years old. That is just so crazy to me. We have so much fun with her though. And now she is going to have some sweet puppies. You should see how big she has gotten. We will have those sweet Dalmatian puppies by next week! yay!

Here's some fun pics of her when we had a lot of snow in Abilene! She loves snow!