2017 Simply Fit Group!

Tomorrow starts a new year! 

Have you taken time to reflect on 2016? Have you thought about what you want to do differently in the new year? 

I recently heard a quote that said...

You don't get wise from experience. You get wise from reflecting on your experiences.

Basically, you can experience so many things in life, but if you don't time time to reflect on them and change your future experiences, then really you gain no wisdom. So don't just roll into the new year without thinking about the past. 

Take time to reflect on this past year...what things were good, what things weren't so good? Where did you fail, where did you succeed? Then, make a plan to move forward and do better! To make changes where you need to, and keep things the same where you need to! 

NOW, as far as your health and fitness goes...if you are tired of starting each new year with motivation to do better, just to fall off the wagon and fail at your efforts in a few short weeks, I'm here to tell you I have a new plan to help you succeed. 

Really it's not your fault that you continually fail. The problem is, you have unhealthy habits that you have held onto for YEARS. Then when you start a new program or plan and create new habits that go well and get results for a few weeks, you slowly stop being as on top of things and strict. You think..."OH I'VE GOT THIS." and you loosen the reigns. Well I'm hear to tell you, it takes longer than 6 weeks for those healthy habits to be stronger than the old, unhealthy ones you've walked in for years! 

That's why I've created the 2017 SIMPLY FIT GROUP! 

A year long program for women that are ready to transform their lives and create long term, healthy habits! Here's what you get with the year long program! 

For the 2017 Simply Fit Group we will be utilizing the brand new Beachbody on Demand all access membership! 

For a one time payment of $199 you get: 
-all access to Beachbody workouts (over $6,000 of workouts)
-access to all of the brand new 2017 workouts that are launched
-30 day supply of your choice of Shakeology flavor
-portion control containers
-become a member of my year long, 2017 Simply Fit Group
* I will provide a one-on-one call when you sign up, ongoing support and coaching, sharing recipes and fitness tips, creating workout challenges throughout the year to keep you on target and motivated, providing incentives and contests to get you to your goals, plus get set up with an accountability partner, and have the constant support of other members!


And when you sign up by midnight January 1st, you will get this cute necklace as a gift from me!


So who is ready to crush their goals in 2017? Join me for the 2017 Simply Fit Group and get the tools that you need, plus the long-term support that you have been missing to have a transformational year! 

Fill out this form to get your questions answered, and get more info on how to get signed up for the 2017 Simply Fit Group! 

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