2 Week Postpartum


Big Sis, here! Here I sit at a little over 2 weeks postpartum and I am feeling GREAT! For those that do not know, I underwent another C-section (birth story on Naturally Nesters soon)... and I am feeling great. I am so ready to start working out. I actually plan to start adding a little working out into my life soon- even though they want me to wait until 6 weeks.. I won't be running or doing too much, but I am SO ready. I am already CLOSE to pre pregnancy.. but my body is so different. If you have kids, you know what I mean.

There are so many changes going on for me right now.. New Baby, Moving AGAIN... everything. I love following my Little Sister in her Yogi Adventures and I plan to join her as soon as I get to Florida! I can't wait. My son loves it... and seeing how she has been teaching herself, I can't wait to start doing the same (with her amazing encouragement)... and doing it with my boy.

Life has a mom of 2 has been amazing. I am having some SERIOUS issues with my stroller tires.. I want to go for a walk with my babies- I have a flat tire. I seriously want to throw this BOB back at the business :) I love the stroller itself, but the tires just will not stay up!!

I just wanted to come and update and tell you guys that I am SO ready to get geared up with you. We have some exciting things starting soon with Naturally Fit Sisters.. one of which will be another segment of Weight Loss Wednesday-- in which we are hoping some of you will join in with us!

Until later.. I will leave you with some sweet pictures of my baby loves...

IMG_2641 IMG_4751 IMG_4865 IMG_4899 IMG_4909 IMG_4922 IMG_2673 IMG_2694 IMG_2696