2 months post baby update:

Well my baby is officially 2 months old, and obviously cute!


I am loving staying home with him. I have prayed for this day for so long, and it is finally here! The day when I can stay home, be a mommy, and do the things I love to make money! That is being crafty ( selling things on Etsy) and teaching yoga!

It has been amazing to see the doors that have opened up for me to be teaching yoga in my home town. I called all over town and am officially teaching at two local gyms, and am on the sub list for several other locations where I could potentially take over a class. It is so much fun to teach yoga, and to get paid to exercise! (My dream job!) plus I will continue teaching Yoga at the university again in the Fall, so all is well in the SAHM area! (SAHM=Stay At Home Mom)

As for being 2months post baby, I'm feeling pretty good. On the day I went in to have little man, I weighed around 215lbs. I am now weighing in at 168lbs, so down 47lbs with about 20 more to go!


Like I said, I'm feeling pretty good, but still haven't tried on my pre-baby blue jeans. Before I had Zander I had gained some weight and was already struggling to fit in my jeans, so I'm waiting a bit longer to try them on.

Our family is taking a beach vacay in mid-July, so I've decided this week that I really have to put it in gear to lose some more of these lbs! So I'm really trying to make better eating decisions, before I would give myself some leeway, now I'm being more strict. And pushing myself to do more workouts.

The doctor told me I could start running with little man, so I took my first stroller run yesterday.


Which for the record is a lot more challenging than you would think! Props to moms who run like this all the time, or with a double stroller!! Anyways, so I'm mainly doing yoga, running, and doing T25! In running I've gotten up to 3miles! I'm so excited!!

Anyways, just wanted to share an update on me!

Be on the lookout later this week for a review and giveaway of some yummy veggie burgers:


-Little Sis